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Book Review: Alphabet Woof by Sherrie A. Madia, illustrated by Patrick Carlson

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Alphabet Woof  is an absolutely hilarious book about a dog named Moxy who eats some magic alphabet soup and begins speaking. Every page features action-filled illustrations in riotous colors, bound to entertain kids (and adults!).

Aunt Mabel, kitchen sorceress that she is, claimed that there was something special about the meals she made, “This meal might just change your whole world if you wish.” She made this grand claim about every dish she served, and the young fellow telling the story doesn’t seem to have witnessed much world-changing as a result of Aunt Mabel’s cooking. (Aunt Mabel is the kind of eccentric relative we don’t mind having — she actually makes herself useful.)

Due to a series of accidents, the alphabet soup that Aunt Mabel was preparing ends up on the kitchen floor, where Moxy is more than willing to lap it up. Lo and behold!, Moxy begins talking. And talking. And talking. It seems that there were a lot of things he wanted to get off his chest — or simply discuss — and he makes the most of his newfound opportunity.

Naturally, news of a talking dog travels quickly, and before long Moxy is offered his own — get this — talk show (with a house band, no less!). Moxy is living large; he’s a celebrity with his own clothing line and appears on magazine covers. There are stuffed toys and t-shirts celebrating his image. He’s rich! (I’m going to read Alphabet Woof to Charity Marie Doggy-Dog every night until she gets the hint.)

Does success go to Moxy’s head? Does he eat something that ends his talking career? Does he meet a cute star of dog food commercials and run off on a doggymoon, becoming the father of a litter of yammering puppies?  Actually, no, none of these. The story has a warm ending, and it is engagingly related by author Sherrie A. Madia. Patrick Carlson’s illustrations nearly jump off the page they are so vivid and energetic.

Alphabet Woof is fun to read, especially aloud, and highly entertaining. Madia occasionally channels Dr. Seuss in the rhyme scheme she incorporates into the story and the result is a charming tale of a dog whose world changes thanks to Aunt Mabel’s soup.

A portion of the proceeds from Alphabet Woof benefit SPCA International, providing yet another good reason to purchase it. It is available in English and Spanish.

Bottom Line: Would I buy Alphabet Woof? (One woof for yes, two woofs for no) WOOF!!!

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