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Book Review: Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power by Mal Duane

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Mal Duane’s story of overcoming life adversities and emerging victorious is certainly an inspiring one, and doubtless would be a good fit for many readers struggling with addiction, low self-esteem, and self-destructive relationships. Her story, which takes up most of the book, Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power, really illustrates how it’s possible to move from being down, depressed, and feeling helpless to being the one in charge and fully empowered.

While I found her life story interesting, I had a hard time connecting, or finding anything to really relate to. We all tend to live our lives by our own rules, and the way Ms. Duane chose to live hers well into her 40s was completely foreign to me. I did, however, greatly appreciate her honesty and openness. It must be horribly difficult to show the world the lows of one’s life, and not sound melodramatic while doing this. I think Ms. Duane accomplished that very well.

Part Two of Alpha Chick deals with the practical implementation of Ms. Duane’s plan of “stepping into faith” and becoming an Alpha Chick, a term that I really did not care for much. True, it is catchy, and probably meant to be empowering, but a chick in either sense of the word is not what I would like to be seen as – ever. The author’s plan is simple, straightforward, and actually makes a lot of sense. It consists of five steps, and the names of those five steps actually spell out the word “faith” They are:


Acceptance and Attitude
Identification and Intention
Healing and Helping

It should not take you very long to read this second part of the book and decide if this is the path you want to follow. Additionally, the author includes a very comprehensive list of resources, which she calls the Library of Love, and which I found extremely interesting. Self-help books are always a very personal choice, so I would advise anybody in need of such help to take a look at Mal Duane’s Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power. It just might be the book you’ve been looking for.

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