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Book Review: Almost Home by Pam Jenoff

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Pam Jenoff knows how to create tension and drama. Her first book, The Kommandant's Girl, became an international bestseller. Now on her third novel, Jenoff is still delivering the strong writing and story lines for which she has become known.

Her newest work, Almost Home, is the story of an American woman, Jordan Weiss. During her college years, Jordan winds up as a graduate student at Cambridge. While there she finds her way into the popular sport of rowing and ends up as the coxswain of one of the school's best teams. During her time with the rowing team, however, one of her fellow crewmembers, Jared, drowns and her life is forever altered.

Jordan is now a State Department intelligence officer who travels the globe on assignment. She's faced dangers of many kinds, but her toughest assignment is yet to come. She receives a note from her close college friend, Sarah, who is terminally ill. Sarah has asked for very little during their years of friendship and her plea for Jordan to come to London is all it takes to get her there. Jordan makes arrangements to be transferred to London and finds herself there within the week.

Once there, Jordan learns that there is much more to the story – the story behind the note, the story behind Jared's death, and even the story of how she ended up in London. Now Jordan must figure out who she can trust and whether or not she's willing to put everything on the line to discover the truth.

Almost Home is one of those novels that won't allow you to put it down. Each new detail that is revealed adds to the plot. Readers will find themselves surprised at who, in the end, can be trusted. The twists and turns kept me reading well into the night. While the ending left a little to be desired in terms of closure, it definitely left me thinking and looking forward to Jenoff's next novel.

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