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Book Review: Algebra of Hope by Ranjit Divakaran

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Algebra of Hope by Ranjit Divakaran is a dramatic story filled with heartfelt emotion and a deep sense of feeling.

Many of those from India who go to the Middle East to work, come to a realization that they have become ensnared in a web of the burden they harbor for their dear ones in their native land, to whose welfare they feel duty bound, and to the demands of their employers.

When Rakesh takes a job in a hospital in Saudi Arabia it seems that his long time secret desire for obtaining a fellowship in orthopedic surgery is nearing fulfillment. However, his dreams are threatened when Rakesh discovers he has been duped by misguided aspirations, inequity, and deceit by his employer.

Divakaran writes in a literary style worthy of attention. His descriptive writing is cohesive and projects realism that generates a lingering sense of unforgettable impact. He skillfully weaves a blending of creativity and craft; displaying amazing insight into the art of writing, and the essence of a good story. Rakesh Divakaran describes the fate of the self-disciplined as the strength of self-love diminishes, as time distances the recipient from the reality of the sacrifice being made.

Ranjit’s characters display quality traits of determination, sacrifice, and achievement familiar to expatriates worldwide. They are convincing and believable, as they experience confrontation and challenge, defeat and victory. He captures the universal yearning, fears, and obstacles we all experience. I found myself identifying with the author in his values and emotions.

I had the feeling I was reading Ranjit’s own story, moral values, and philosophical development. The American reader will recognize the difference in terminology and spelling unique to English speaking people in the Middle East.

Algebra of Hope is an important contribution to the broadening of understanding the Eastern culture while expanding the world view of the typical American reader.

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