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Book Review: Adios! (Book Two, Aloha Trilogy) by Stephen A. Enna and Dennis J. Wootten

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Adios! is the second book in an action-packed, political thriller trilogy. The first in the series was Aloha! and if you liked Aloha!, you will appreciate reading Adios!.

It picks up from the first book and tells about the President, Bruce Gavin, having all sorts of problems on his hands. First of all, are the illegal immigration problems and the influx of drugs from the Mexican drug cartels? On top of that, he learns that Al-Qaeda has been in clandestine meetings with the largest drug cartel in Mexico. At the same time, the President admits to having an affair with a Catholic priest and comes out of the closet to tell the American people that he is openly gay.

There is much suspense and intrigue as the book depicts the plight of a woman whose husband died while he was defending his family from the drug cartel. She sets out on a one-woman crusade to stop the cartel and get her revenge. She comes to the attention of the government while dodging the cartel that is trying to kill her.

I would not consider Adios! general audience reading; it contains some graphic language and there are some adult situations in the book. It is a fast-paced adult novel about adult situations and deals with social issues that may not be suited for young adults or children. I gave it my favored B overall and enjoyed reading all 250 pages. I look forward to reading the third and last installment of the trilogy, Goodbye!  If the previous two (Aloha! and Adios!) are any indication, Goodbye! should be a similar literary adventure.

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