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Book Review: A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage by Sharon Gilchrest O’Neall

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If you ask anyone married more than 10 years, they will tell you that it’s not easy. Couples start to take advantage of each other, focus more of their attention on their children and forget to make time for each other.

A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage by Sharon Gilchrest O’Neall is a very short book, only 61 pages, that helps married couples get through their hard times and learn to appreciate each other.

The book is more like a poem than a self-help book. It reads like poetry, but provides some helpful tips on keeping your marriage energized. At least half of the pages in the book are black and white photos that are visually appealing. Photos range from a couple kissing on the beach during the sunset to two pieces of a heart shaped chocolate.

Ms. O’Neall is a true believer in the institution of marriage, especially having been a family and marriage counselor for many years. She believes that marriage is a creative work of art and shouldn’t be thought of as tedious or something hard to work towards.

She tries to instill that when a couple is married, they are on the same team. They should do things together and work together toward the same goal.

Here are some things she suggests:

1. Go to bed together
2. Don’t invest in pajamas invest in ceiling fans
3. Reach out to each other during the work day

4. Spend special alone time during the week and weekends
5. Find a hobby to share together
6. Don’t separate work and home life
7. Talk as much as possible
8. Touch each other at least once a day with a hug or a kiss or a gentle stroke
9. Be loving to each other
10. Be flexible

She offers more advice but not to spoil anything more, I won’t give it up. As one finishes A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage, it’s hard not to ask yourself, “Is that all there is? Is it that simple to keep a marriage strong?”

I’m not sure. But what I do know is, A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage is a poetic, well-written book that includes beautiful, motivating photos that make you smile.

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  • Great book, great ideas. Thank for sharing. Ceiling fans instead of pj’s, PERFECT!