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Book Review: A New Name For Worthless: A Hero is Born by Rocky Shepheard

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A New Name For Worthless: A Hero is Born is an action/adventure story picture book about a dog named Worthless who is chained to his leaky old doghouse for years. He is cold and wet a lot of times. His owner isn’t very nice to him either. He longs to be free from the chains that bind him in this dismal life that he lives. The dog longs and wishes to roam around freely and to be loved.

After watching the little dog suffer for a while, his friends step in to help free him from his chains of unhappiness and neglect. They all search for a new home for him and ultimately find one. The dog is now in a loving family and is no longer called Worthless. His new owner gave him a new name which is much more loving.

A New Name For Worthless contains many important lessons about treating animals with love, compassion, and humane treatment. Furthermore, author Rocky Shepheard gives the reader a wonderful message of hope, love, compassion, and happiness. Also, we don’t have to think that our predicament will always be the same. Sometimes, we can meet friends who will rescue us from the shackles of neglect and hated.

The book was inspired by a true story. The author witnessed a dog who suffered at the end of a chain for years. Finally, one day, a shelter rescued the animal and found the dog a loving home where people didn’t abuse the dog and loved it every day. Shepheard is a proud supporter of a national organization which focuses on getting all dogs into loving homes. We must all stand up for abused animals in our communities.

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  • Hi there folks,

    I would recommend this book to any dog lover. It is so hopeful and uplifting. I enjoyed reading the book and writing the review immensely.