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Book Review: A New American Tea Party by John M O’Hara

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Finally, an accurate overview of the modern tea party movement that has been well researched and without an agenda. While it’s obvious that O’Hara is attuned and sympathetic to the cause, he does try and be as objective as possible. O’Hara helped his friends with the several rallies in the past year. He admits quite freely that he is in fact not grassroots, which considering his pedigree, is apt.

What is most interesting, of course, is his insightful examination of the motivations of the tea party movement as a whole. O’Hara made sure to be as general as possible. He avoided some of the pratfalls of the various nuances of complaints that make up the coalition that is the tea party movement.

It’s unclear whether or not anyone deeply involved in the movement will need this book. However, this should be required reading for all journalists who are reporting on the tea party saga. This is a very much a simple precise detailed primer to the background of what has been going on.

What is most useful is the fact that he realizes that those involved are motivated with a frustration of politicians of all parties. It is not a left and right issue. The distillation of the arrogance of both politicians and the mainstream media is measured but effective.

Some might criticize the author for over-exuberance on his subject, but that would be petty. In short, it’s a well written book on a subject that is very much in the public eye. If you are seeking an accurate accurate of what has transpired so far, then this is the book for you.

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