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Book Review: A Master @ Life!: Dare to Imagine, Dare to Change by Harold L. Lamma II

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If there has ever been a book that I knew absolutely nothing about by reading the back cover, it’s this one. Author Harold L. Lamma II gives nothing away with the two obscure sentences meant to entice his readers on to purchase his new release, A Master @ Life!: Dare to Imagine, Dare to Change. Once you begin reading, though, Lamma’s intent is very clear.

A Master @ Life! is a discussion of Lamma’s spiritual beliefs and an imploring appeal for his readers to follow suit. He begins by urging them to take responsibility for their actions and if they don’t like where their lives have taken them, to make some big changes!

He utilizes various scriptural references but, for the most part, paraphrases Biblical text and incorporates it into his chapters. He also shares examples of his own negative life experiences and how following these guidelines has helped him overcome some very difficult personal obstacles.

Once taking responsibility is covered, he goes on to such subjects as making decisions, watching how you think, looking to God, incorporating a ‘can do’ attitude in all things, and having a purpose and direction in life. Further, he says that by living this way, one can find abundant living.

Lamma presents his opinions with passion and confidence from the first page of the introduction on through the last page and his ending remarks. He successfully incorporates a warm, genuine tone in his writing style, one that conveys sympathy and concern for his readers. I felt like I was reading a long letter from an old friend instead of a generic how-book on personal growth and spiritual living.

With this in mind, I think this would be a good read for either the individual or a small group study – perhaps a Bible study, for example. While A Master @ Life!: Dare to Imagine, Dare to Change can be quickly read in an afternoon, I believe author Harold L. Lamma II’s intent is for the reader to slowly incorporate each chapter into their lives with deliberate actions and an intent to change for the better.

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