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Book Review: A Killer Read by Erika Chase

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I absolutely adore cozy mysteries and when it is a well written tale, I melt like marshmallows on a Scottsdale, Arizona dashboard. Kudos to Erika Chase who had succeeded in turning me into a sticky mess with every page turned. A Killer Read is another top-notch reading experience from Berkley Prime Crime. Good catch, Berkley, for scooping up this talented lass.

Chase’s characters are such an endearing, eccentric and entertaining bunch, you just want to sit for a spell on the porch swing, pour some brandy (or pink lemonade), eat some butter cookies and just gossip – er, tête-à-tête on the verandah while you furtively watch the new neighbor across the street entertain male guests…every hour. A Killer Read is delicious writing, divine storytelling with a delectable Southern atmosphere! I do declare, y’all, it is, it is indeed.

Lizzie Turner is a woman after my own heart with her hankering for mysteries. As far as mystery heroines go, Lizzie is a lovely breath of fresh Orange Beach air on a muggy spring afternoon. The genteel ladies of Ashton Corners, Alabama, are genuinely so delightful you just want to pull each one aside to chat with. Chase has formed a fetching troupe of characters you identify with immediately from the opening pages.

It’s the first gathering of the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society. A trespasser is discovered dead in his car and Ashton Corners, Alabama, is all a buzz. When the proprietor of the mansion which is home to the book club meetings, Molly Mathews, becomes the primary suspect, Lizzie Turner, a reading expert with the Ashton Corners school board, and accompanying book club members focus their skills on snooping.

Lo and behold the beguiling new police chief is Lizzie’s old high school crush Mark Dreyfus. Cryptic chapters from an unidentified manuscript mysteriously appear in Lizzie’s mailbox. Despite putting herself in danger, Lizzie is unwavering in chasing down the murderer. Yep, been there and done that, but Chase does an exceptional job at keeping it fresh.

It is always a delight to discover a new series ,and when the reader is able to drift away to the location where the novelist sets the story, truly this is what exceptional writing is all about!

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