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Book Review: A Kids’s Guide to Being a Winner by C.D. Shelton

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C.D. Shelton’s Kid’s Guide to Being a Winner is a great book. I think, if anything, our culture is one of oversimplification. We allow our kids to simply do and be what they want. Shelton’s book has a very different message. It will encourage kids to actually try to be their best. And Shelton believes that all kids have a choice to be their best and become a winner, or cruise on autopilot and ultimately become a loser.

According to Shelton, any of us can become a winner with a bit of effort and encouragement. All we have to do is to put an effort into becoming our best. For Shelton, being a winner means doing the right thing, and knowing what’s correct. Shelton points out that winners are not bullies. Winners take the extra step to be their best, and they don’t take the easy way out.

There are five ways to become a winner, the author says. Winners should strive to be responsible, thoughtful, respectful, show gratitude, and develop a positive mind set. Winners believe everything will be okay, they expect positive results, are open-minded, and they believe in themselves. Winners know that they’re smart, loving, strong, and capable. Thus, winners know that they can accomplish anything if they work hard.

What a great message for kids. I would recommend that parents read this book along with their kids. It isn’t a difficult book to read because it is written in an easy to understand style with illustrations to help children of all ages understand the messages contained in the chapters. All the major concepts are illustrated through examples, showing kids how to become a winner, one action and decision at a time. We each have a choice whether or not to become a loser or a winner. Hopefully, we will all help our kids become winners as well.

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