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Book Review: A Haunted Mind: Inside The Dark Twisted World of H.P. Lovecraft by Dr. Bob Curran

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In A Haunted Mind: Inside The Dark Twisted World of H.P. Lovecraft, Dr. Bob Curran explores Lovecraft’s motivations, his persona, unique creations and the things that drove him to create a horrific cosmos. Using folklore and global history, Dr. Curran probes a wide variety of Lovecraft’s ancient and more modern mysteries.

Dr. Curran explains how Shem received a book from Noah called The Treatise of Shem which circulated at the end of the first century A.D.  Allegedly Ham, the other son of Noah, interacted with renegade angels to codify secrets and retain them in the Ark of the Covenant. The De Vermis Mysteriis contains ancient secrets and links to the gods of Egypt. The work is said to contain secrets of human longevity.

Dr. Curran explains how Criteas and Plato both referred to Atlantis. Blavatsky saw Atlantis as a society that had become “spiritually wise” with beings that were knowledgable, mystical, and compassionate. This account is at odds with Plato who believed that the Atlanteans were militaristic slavers. Ultimately, Blavatsky’s account of the Atlanteans prevailed.

Dr. Curran discusses the basic five root races. The Polarians were from the North Pole. The Hyperborians were gelatinous in form. The Lemurians had a definitive physical form with a head and rudimentary internal organs. The Atlanteans were more materialistic. The fifth race were the nobles who possessed spiritual and intuitive traits.

Dr. Curran relates how Lovecraft’s dreams reflect real history and fiction simultaneously. For instance, his fantastic stories often reflect past ages and countries or entire continents that vanished. Hyperborea, Mu, and Atlantis are all fixed historically yet there is no concrete archaeology or verifiable historical interpretation to attach to a believable reality.

Lovecraft thrilled in populating his universe with all manner of creatures which bore no verifiable relation to the real world although they had some reference point or explanation in the annals of global history. A Haunted Mind is a collection of intriguing stories that straddle global history and popular folklore to produce just enough interest to whet the appetites of readers.

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  • The author, Bob Curran is talking about the dark mind of Lovecraft in the title of the book! Nonetheless, the book does refer to things like Noah’s Ark and Atlantis which have significant correlations in literature and religious study. Only future archeological expeditions can verify some of these things for sure!

  • The book is horrendous. The biographical matter on Lovecraft overflows with lies and myths that have been proven untrue by the publication of Lovecraft’s letters and by reminisces of those who knew Lovecraft personally. The falsehoods of the book are really astounding, such as the absurd statement that Lovecraft went around peering into windows at night so as to frighten children. Almost all of the information concerning Lovecraft’s Mythos was taken from THE CTHULHU MYTHOS ENCYCLOPEDIA by Daniel Harms, and is a case of pure plagiarism. The only sick and twisted mind revealed by this book is that of Dr. Bob Curran.