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Book Review: 99 Ways to Increase Your Income by Frank Martin

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Everyone I know needs more money in this economy. With Christmas around the corner, the pressure to spend money on gifts may be overwhelming. 99 Ways to Increase Your Income might help you with gift giving this year if you have something worth selling immediately. However, I recommend reading this book to help you start the new year off with a refreshed financial outlook.

99 Ways to Increase Your Income offers useful hints on increasing your income or managing the money you already have. I've heard this information before, but it never hurts to refresh my memory and renew my commitment to wise money management.

As the back of the book boasts, “With ideas ranging from asking for extra hours in your current job, to selling your “junk” at a consignment store or on Craigslist, to starting a home-based pet grooming service, to saving money by smart use of the Internet, this book will help you earn and keep more cash.”

I especially liked the idea of finding a consignment store to sell gently used clothing. Recently, I collected bags of like-new clothing my son refuses to wear any more. Some of it never worn.  Kids!

He now buys his own clothes from an after-school job, but I bought those bagged clothes and intend to see something back from it. If I receive enough money to buy a book or two, I’ll be happy.

I recommend reading or gifting this book to anyone wanting to begin 2010 in the right financial direction.

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