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Book Review: 3D Deceit, Duplicity and Dissimulation of U.S. Foreign Policy Towards India, Pakistan and Afghanistan by Arvind Goswami

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3D Deceit, Duplicity & Dissimulation of U.S. Foreign Policy towards India, Pakistan & Afghanistan by Arvind Goswami is very interesting and informative, holding many facts that most of the population may not be aware of. It explains in detail, and with source names, things that our government is doing that are never publicly revealed, or that are downplayed by authorities.

What the author has determined through much diligent research is our exact relationship with India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan–not only our relationship with these countries but our foreign policy towards these three. The author explains that the United States has been doing much more with Pakistan than India. He states that we give Pakistan military and monetary support and after they get our money. We have no idea who gets it or where it is used.

Goswami also mentions other incidents, such as the reports that, shortly before the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in August, George W. Bush received a daily briefing that included a warning about a terrorist hijacking of airplanes to commit atrocities.

Not as widely remembered in the U.S. perhaps is the terrorist attack right after 9/11, on December 13, made on the Indian Parliament by a terrorist group out of Pakistan. Mr. Goswami offers actual wording from letters of a Pakistani scientist to people in Europe asking for help in building a nuclear device.

It is this sort of information that makes this book a high-ranking must-read in my opinion. The book is filled with little known facts and true stories of espionage and cloak and dagger situations that made it very interesting. The secrets that are exposed and the goings on behind closed doors are well documented, so the reader can check for himself.

I give 3D Deceit, Duplicity and Dissimulation a strong A on my scale and except for some minor editing that could have been done, I highly recommend Arvind Goswami’s book to everyone.


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  • Mack

    An Indian lamenting US indulgence of a rogue Pakistan over a ‘responsible’ India (sic)…why it is new information people!!!

    Perhaps if India stops dithering & signs cooperation treaties like CISMOA etc then US can move forward with this much desired courtship.

    Whereas Afghan dilemma is concerned; India has little to offer as it has NO geographical access to Afghanistan or Central Asia. There Pakistan is uniquely indispensable.