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Book Review: 33 Million People in the Room by Juliette Powell

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Don’t let the title 33 Million People in the Room confuse you.  The book is excellent.

I imagine the subtitle, How to Create, Influence, and Run a Successful Business with Social Networking, will sell you, rather than the title, anyway.  Also, I’m sure you’re more interested to know if Juliette Powell’s book delivers.  Yes, it absolutely delivers!  I read the book not just to review it for Blogcritics, but also to learn how to quickly and easily apply Social networking to my own Internet business.  

To evaluate the effectiveness of Powell’s book, I look to an example from my own life as a design consultant in the home furnishings Industry.  Daily, I’m reminded to provide my customers with enough of the “right” information to help them eliminate their fears about making a decorating mistake.  Likewise, I believe Powell’s book provides the business community with the “right” information — information that is relevant, purposeful and should eliminate their fear of using Social Networking in their marketing strategy.     

According to Powell, the purpose of using Social Networking in business is to create “capital.”  If successful, a business will use Social Networking to create “social and cultural capital,” which can then be used to create “financial capital.”  This is a sound premise, and the foundation to her teachings.  Her book is filled with interesting case studies and practical, step-by-step advice.

Powell uses a clever technique to begin each of her chapters, and it’s guaranteed to draw you in.  She employs the “write-bite” (something I’ve coined to mean, “a few enticing sentences that hook us into a story”).  Once into the story (or case study), we’re introduced to a new social networking technique to master.  Her case studies feature people who are leading the way into this new frontier — people we come to admire, such as Chris Anderson of TED, Eric Marcoullier and Todd Sampson of MyBlogLog, and President Barack Obama of…well, no need to introduce him, but know that you're given a great lesson about how Social Networking influenced the success of his campaign.

I believe that business executives must learn how to incorporate social networking into their marketing strategy if they are to remain viable, especially now, in the difficult business climate they face.  Although many businesses have made tremendous effort marketing with Web 1.0 tools, few realize that Web 2.0 is making their marketing message less effective.  However, there’s no need to worry; I believe Powell’s book provides the Web 2.0 information businesses need to get up to speed. 

As an entrepreneur in the home furnishings Industry, I was introduced to social networking a few months ago by Leslie Caruthers, who is tirelessly sending out the call to our struggling industry to embrace social networking. I suggest you contact her if you need help after reading Powell's book. 

Thanks to Leslie and 33 Million People in the Room, I now know that it’s essential to invest time and effort toward understanding the nuances of social networking if I want to be successful in my niche.  I am happy that I was given the opportunity to read Powell's book; it was enjoyable, as well as duplicatable.  It’s creatively written and provides the essential information I need to know.  Powell’s book has become my social networking manual.

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