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Book Review: 2012: A New Maya Nation Emerges by Edward D. Curry

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Edward D. Curry’s intuitive nature, vivid imagination, and extensive research are evident in 2012: A New Maya Nation Emerges, the dramatic climax to the third novel in his Maya adventure series.

Through the use of a short but comprehensive prologue, Curry provides a synopsis of the earlier books in the series: Temple of the Two Jaguars and 2012 Maya End Date: A New Beginning. This synopsis introduces new readers to the series and serves as a reminder to his followers of the main events leading up to the current book in the series, 2012: A New Maya Nation Emerges.

Representatives from the Mexican government, Mayan leaders, and the Smithsonian Institution convene in Mexico City to consider presentations on the Celestial Awareness Program, the Maya end date projection, the future of Mesoamerica, and the advancement in plate tonic and remote sensing technology, (specifically LiDar and ALSM) for penetrating jungle foliage.

Plans are set in motion for a new Maya culture with a strategy for formation and relocation of the Maya to a newly created town, Nuevo Ciduad, in Guatemala.

A cast of over 40 “real-as-life” characters, intricately interacting, add a unique dimension to a masterful character-driven plot which includes intrigue, suspense, adventure, and romance. Curry baits the reader with dialog that includes the promise of action and danger just ahead to build suspense, tension, conflict, and resolution.

Ryan Keshaw’s first person narration, sometimes overtly casual, helps the reader identify and become engaged in his characters. His stimulating dialog also helps move the story forward and establishes important background information. A behind the scenes look into life with his precocious young daughter Lynn, their new baby son Ryan, his own work with the Ryan Keshaw Consulting firm, and his wife Allie’s position as lead archaeologist at the Smithsonian, helps the reader relate to their personal hectic lifestyle, balancing parenting with successful careers.

Chapter titles add a touch of humor and lightness to a subject matter that might otherwise be wholly academic even as a work of fiction. Ryan’s humorous quips and uncanny wit left me quietly guffawing with a lingering smile right on through to the next chapter.

In a narrative beautifully describing the customs and simplicity of a Maya wedding, an emphasis on harmonious interaction with Mother Nature, and glimpses into the sacred book Popol Vuh, the introduction of demons residing in underground caves, psychic talent and crystal balls add another dimension to the range of topics considered in a storyline filled with the unexpected.

Curry’s writing is compelling. Rather than painting a doomsday scenario, he draws a picture of a world on the verge of change as a result of the 2012 Maya end date, which will impact the populace and economy extending beyond Mexico, Guatemala, and United States. This is intense, believable, historical fiction reflecting day-to-day living in a contemporary setting. The reader is transported to the highlands of Guatemala. Graphic descriptions of ancient rituals, rites, and ceremonies add to the colorful history of the Maya.

Curry combines information and insights from the studies of anthropology, Latin American history, ancient religion, mysticism, and astrological forecasting in the fictional account of the Mayan Civilization, its history, culture, art, architecture, symbolism, mythology, superstitions, and contributions to civilization

2012: A New Maya Nation Emerges is compelling, scholarly, entertaining creative fiction with a unique twist of wry humor. This is a must read for astrology followers, archeologists, and anthropologists — and just about everyone else.

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