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Book Review: 150 Best Donut Recipes: Fried or Baked by George Geary

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A donut-and-a-cup-of-coffee has been a staple for a long time and it seems like it will never go away. Dunkin’ Donuts in the United States and Tim Horton’s in Canada are household names.

We often think we can’t replicate the recipe but I beg to differ. I can still taste the donuts my mother made when I was a child; it seems like a day-long process but in the end we savored the light, sweet delicacies. And, I also remember the donuts that ended up going stale were turned into the best bread pudding ever.

As I perused 150 Best Donut Recipes: Fried or Baked by George Geary, I decided to test the baked versions. I’d never made baked donuts, so this was a good chance to find out if they are as good as those that are deep fried.

For the purpose of the review, we are asked to test three recipes. The first one I tested was “Chocolate Rum Cream Donuts.” The recipe called for two 6-well donut pans which I didn’t have but I had a 6-well bundt pan which I felt would work as a substitute. I glazed the donuts with a chocolate glaze. The texture was cake-like – rich in chocolate and a hint of rum flavoring. I was pleased with the end result knowing I had eliminated the added fat that comes from deep frying.

The second recipe I tested was “Green Tea Donuts.” Again, the result was a cake-like texture but lighter than the previous recipe because I used 1/2 cup of cake flour. The donuts were sweet but I didn’t get excited about the green tea flavor; in fact, it didn’t seem like there was any flavor at all except for the vanilla extract. The recipe calls for two green tea bags infused in milk for 20 minutes – for me, it just didn’t do anything exciting.

The third recipe I tested was “Orange Honey Donuts.” The texture was dense and moist with a distinct orange flavor. The flavor was derived from 1/4 cup frozen orange juice concentrate as well as grated orange zest. I glazed the donuts with an orange glaze which enhanced the donut and tasted great with a cup of tea…well, several donuts and several cups of tea. I will make this recipe again!

There are many recipes in 150 Best Donut Recipes: Fried or Baked by George Geary that look great and, of course, most are fried…but, that’s the nature of donuts. As I perused the recipe book, I found many that looked interesting and worthy of trying out.

Reflecting back, it was fun making donuts with my mother, and then with my children when they were young. I encourage moms and grandmothers to considering making donuts and creating memories for the children. You will not regret it and I encourage you to use 150 Best Donut Recipes: Fried or Baked as a starting place.

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