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Book Reivew: Five Steps to Draw Closer to God by Doranda Jacques

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Doranda Jacques writes to encourage her readers to grow spiritually while they develop a deeper relationship with God in her book Five Steps to Draw Closer to God.

The book is made up of five chapters. Each chapter opens with a spectacular awe-inspiring color photo creating a sense of quiet and peace. This is followed with the introduction of practical key points which develop an important scriptural principle designed to nurture a unique concept of spiritual growth which will lead to a more meaningful understanding of the fullness of God’s love and purpose.

A summary of the key points of each chapter helps the reader assimilate the narrative as well as capsulizing the material for focus, application, and determining personal action steps. This is followed with a checklist to ensure that the steps are incorporated in daily practice and experience. Provision is made for recording personal notes. Selected scriptures are included to reinforce these truths. A thought-provoking prayer is provided for contemplation and reflection.

Additional features in the book include:

• Practical notes on being tested in the process of drawing closer to God

• Thoughts on evaluating yourself in the process
• A section for recording your personal reflections in journal form
• A clear presentation of the Gospel for those unsure of their relationship with God

The book is designed as a devotional study rather than a theological discourse, however Jacques’ writing is Biblical based and true to the scriptures. The format of Five Steps to Draw Closer to God provides for a concise, yet comprehensive, plan leading to a deeper relationship with God which can be adapted for inclusion with any existing plan of devotional reading or Bible study.

(Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views)

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