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Book Claims Army Nixed Hendrix For “Homosexual Tendencies”

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Hendrix wanted to escape the army to play music, Charles R Cross says
Jimi Hendrix pretended to be gay so he would be discharged from the army, according to claims in a biography that has used his military medical records.
The rock legend said he left the 101st Airborne Division aged 19 in 1962 after being injured on a parachute jump.

But Room Full of Mirrors by Charles R Cross says army records show he was discharged for “homosexual tendencies.”

Mr Cross says Hendrix had a legendary appetite for women – he even had an affair with actress Brigitte Bardot.

But he had told a base psychiatrist at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, he had fallen in love with a fellow soldier, the book claims.

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  • Heh. I’m sure if there were to be a draft, they wouldn’t let gays out this time. So ridiculous. They won’t let the gays serve that WANT to…but I promise you if there ends up being another draft, all of a sudden gays DON’T disrupt the cohesion of the troops.

  • Hmmm… your nation is still at “war” and continues to expel gay soldiers. Doesn’t sound like your anti-gay military’s leaders are all that smart.

    Gary Gates, a statistician at the University of California at Los Angeles, estimates there are about 65,000 gays and lesbians currently serving in the military, accounting for about 2.8 percent of all personnel. He estimates that at least 25 gay soldiers have been killed in Iraq.

    Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, a conservative advocacy group that opposes gays serving in the military, said a better way to avoid the cost of replacing soldiers who are discharged for being gay is to make it very clear to people who enlist in the military, including [Sgt. Robert] Stout [who was wounded is Iraq and is being discharged from the army for being gay], that they are ineligible to serve if they are gay.

    “I honor and respect his service to this country, but the fact that he’s wounded really doesn’t change the underlying fact. … He is not eligible to serve,” Donnelly said, adding that there are many reasons why people aren’t eligible to serve. “This is just one of them.”

    And it’s a stupid one.

    As for Hendrix, if the allegation is true, then he was a liar. IF the allegation is true…

  • b rob

    hendrix never was in the army, he wasn’t drafted his brother was the one drafted form the family, Jimi and his bother Lauris made a deal and lauris went to the military predending to be Jimi,they played the whole u.s. goverment, since lauris went to the army, after he got out he got a spot for manager in the Jimi Hendrix experiance, became pretty famous and then split 1/4th of jimis earning, to become rich, i can’t belive noone else knew that! but its all really confuseing

  • first off, B Rob – you are nuts. Secondly, I could see the possibility o the story. Hendrix was a very sensual and passionate person. He was also some kind of sex god, so really the news doesn’t weird me out much.

  • amanda

    hendrix rocked he could play the guitar like no other go hendrix