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Boobtastic show apology

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Apologies all round from those involved in the half time show at this weekend’s Super Bowl as American Football fans the world over recover from the apparent shock of getting a flash of Janet Jackson’s right breast. It was all Justin Timberlake’s fault. He was the surprise guest at the MTV produced half time musical bash – but in an ill advised move Mr Timberlake accidentally pulled off a piece of Ms Jackson’s costume, exposing more of the singer than was planned. More humorous than the slip up itself was the apologies that followed:

Timberlake: “I am sorry if anyone was offended by the wardrobe malfunction during the halftime performance at the Super Bowl. It was not intentional and is regrettable.”

MTV: “The tearing of Janet Jackson’s costume was unrehearsed, unplanned, completely unintentional and was inconsistent with assurances we had about the content of the performance. MTV regrets this incident occurred and we apologize to anyone who was offended by it.”

CBS (who screen the Superbowl): “CBS deeply regrets the incident that occurred during the Super Bowl halftime show. We attended all rehearsals throughout the week and there was no indication that any such thing would happen. The moment did not conform to CBS broadcast standards and we would like to apologize to anyone who was offended.”

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  • RP

    When the next generation finds itself in a bazooka-wielding, Mad Maxian future, killing each other for sport and living in forts built of their own feces, we can all look back at this moment and say… “That was it. That was the moment we lost them entirely.” Damn you, Janet, with your evil and crazy boob.

  • Jonathan

    Am I the only one who sees Micheal Jackson everytime he looks at Janet?

  • sdc

    The music is usually bad enough (and especially so this time), but CBS has to add porn to the halftime show? How low will these guys go?

    The 2.5$ million for 30 seconds was sure wasted on me! I wouldn’t buy from anyone who sposored that trash.

  • Asherde

    I guess if the brother can wear one glove, she can wear…….

  • Asherde

    I guess if the brother can wear one glove, she can wear…….

  • Michele

    What’s the big deal,there’s alot worse out there that’s happening,plus they flash all the time if you watch wrestling.

  • Eric Olsen

    I love that: “wardrobe malfunction”

  • AntFreeze

    I would hope that this half-ass half-time pornorama would finally get people to wake up and stop supporting the “ME ME ME” crowd. Featuring one mental midget searching in vain for his miniscule penis throughout his entire
    “performance”, and then the slightly less effeminate version of Michael Jackson being dry humped and disrobed in front of millions of families. I believe their puny minds may have recently discovered the word titillation in a dictionary and took it too literally. Then to immediately spew the unconvincing lie about a “wardrobe malfunction”. That’s rich. The problem is, so are they. Only we can prevent assholes from perpetuating their assholiness in our directions. We make em, it’s time to break em.

  • don’tphaseme

    I can’t believe everyone is getting so worked up. Her nipple was covered. Some of the women in the commercials show almost as much skin. We see buttcheeks hanging out of the cheerleaders uniforms and breasts bulging out of the sides and nobody blinks an eye. Show a little bit more and everyone acts like they’ve never seen a boob. I’m sure it was done intentionally (after all, who wears nipple shields like that everyday) Justin had to “one up” Brittanys performance with Madonna and Janet figured this would take some of the attention off her brother Michael. I’d rather explain to my kids that they ‘accidently’ showed too much of someone’s body than why two women are kissing. I’ve seen worse on commercials, like that women lustily riding the mechanical bull while drooling over a stupid burger, that’s just weird to me.

  • i think you just have to put the boob shot in the context of an earlier cbs decision not to air moveon.org’s advocacy ad for fear it would offend our sensibilties to talk about the deficit on super bowl sunday.

    instead we get ads for erectile dysfunction, an ad featuring a monkey propositioning a woman, a flatulent horse, a man wearing a kilt venting his crotch on the street, a car ad where the unspoken punchline is “holy shit”.
    and of course janet jackson’s right breast. thanks for trying not to offend anybody cbs. . .

  • don’tphaseme

    WELL PUT REGGIE!!! I agree. You should write and tell CBS that. You are absolutely right!!

  • Anthony

    Damn you guys are uptight.

  • anthony, i’m not complaining about the breast — per se. if this was europe a breast wouldn’t even be an issue. only in this country do we get worked up about breasts in public. but i do think it is fair to compare the superbowl ads shown on cbs with the one they didn’t want to air. where’s the consistency? lewdness, fart jokes, and nudity, but say the president is running up the national debt and people might get upset?!

  • G-zero

    Top Ten Things that should have been written on Janet Jackson’s breast to make a statement during last night’s Superbowl:

    10. Go Pats!/Go Cats!
    9. This Space For Rent
    8. Pepsi is the One
    7. Tired of Spam?
    6. Fight Illiteracy
    5. Free Elections in Iraq
    4. Justin + Brittany 4-Ever!
    3. Say ‘No’ to Pornography
    2. Anyone But Bush Again

    And the number one phrase that should have been written on Janet Jackson’s breast:

    1. Free Michael!

  • ghost

    I think that people in America today are too sensitive. A boob, a fart, it doesnt really matter as long as it is an excuse for people to complain that their freedom to be idiotically offended over nothing can be upheld. Who was not born to a mother with breasts? Who has never seen a breast? I know at least the women have them, so thats at least 51%. If you look at regular television programming today, you will see it filled with blood and gore and unspeakable violence. In America this is OK, but a little bit of the natural human form is taboo. This says something about this nation’s values. And by the way, if something offends you, you have the freedom to not look, not watch, not expose yourself (and it is the parents’ resonsibility to do this for their children) to such things that cause the offense. Grow up and take on your own responibilities.

  • foronceandforall

    Well ghost, I don’t have a problem with her baring her breast, I thought it kind of amusing. The problem is in your statement “don’t watch it or look away” She didn’t afford anyone that opportunity because nobody knew it was coming. Nobody had the chance to turn the channel before being exposed to that display. People tuned in to watch a sports game, who knew they were gonna get a boob shot. I do think the timing was poor, since they had school age children on the field and had a tribute to the people lost in the shuttle accident and their families were in attendance. It was bad judgement. Who knew that I’d have to “sensor” a football game for my children!

  • ghost

    Well, knowing what is common among professional atheletes (assault and murder)and rock/pop stars (drugs, alcohol, assault, vulgarity, lewdness, nudity, public displays of sexuality, etc) these days, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that things might not be as wholesome as one would wish they would be. Unless you arrived to this country in a box five minutes before the game, then you would know what to expect.

  • foronceandforall

    Well, I was born and raised here. Been in the US all my life. Obviously the boob thing wouldn’t have been such a shocker to CBS, Mtv, NFL, etc if it were “expected” Professional sports events televised do NOT have and NEVER has had, nudity!! So, therefore it was not “expected” and your comment is absurd! Are you saying, it’s ok for athletes to murder, since it has been done in the past it is “expected”? I know they are not wholesome, nobody is these days that I know of, but to rip her shirt like that, what message does that send to our youth. The young kids are so impressionable these days, you just watch, someone somewhere will try that same move on a girl with the ‘excuse’ Justin did it. Kids love to do stupid things and blame it on media. Hell, we’ve got overweight people going to McDonalds, stuffing themselves, and then sueing McDonalds for making them fat when they were fat before they walked through the door. That’s the thing with this world, you NEVER know what to expect so don’t portray yourself as though YOU do. Nothing much surprises me these days but do I “expect” most of it, NO.

    female- age 33, 3 children (boys) and a very good mother whose kids know right from wrong. Doesn’t mean they won’t do something wrong but I’m not EXPECTING it. Get my point??

  • ex_navyordie

    I think the fact that Janet had this obviously planned from the very beginning just shows that she feels that THE RULES we all have to live by apply to everyone BUT the JACKSONS beit Michael or any of his siblings. Wardrobe malfunction my ARSE!! Was I offended, absolutely and it isn’t because I am unfamiliar with the female anatomy, it is because there is a time and place for everything and watching Sunday night football in the privacy of my own home in my livingroom with my kids isn’t THE TIME OR PLACE for such bad taste. Had I been watching the Playboy channel I would have been expecting this, but then again my children wouldn’t have been in the room being exposed to the lewdness either.

    Our problem isn’t that there aren’t rules against these types of “ACTS”, our problem is that people Like Janet, Michael (the Molester) and even Justin feel that the rules (even the laws) don’t apply to them. I found NOTHING cute about Janet or her performance regardless of how beautiful her breast may or may not be!!

    As for seeing the same thing on Wrestling, my kids can no longer watch the show because of how sexual the content has become over the past 2 years and it is to the point where it is outright perverted!!


  • Ash

    When Justin came out singing “Rock Your Body” I just KNEW that some form of nudity was going to happen. We are lucky we only saw her boob. If you listen to the lyrics as he ripped off her top he says “I’m gonna have you naked by the end of this song” I expected them to go further with it than what they did. Lil’ Kim wore an outfit with one breast out with paint and rhinestones on her nipple for an awards show and she did not get this much attention for it. I think it’s all overrated and should be left alone. We’re one of the only countries in the world that looks at nudity as bad. The human body is a beautiful piece of art and should not be treated as something bad.

  • ghost

    I was also born and raised here. Because of that I have been exposed to many things (on television, radio, and in person). I am certainly not saying that it is ok that these crimes happen, just that I am not surprised when they do. Like reggie said in his/her posting, if the Super Bowl was produced in Europe, there would probably be nudity up and down every commercial. And I think that is fine. I think we have more rapists and sexual deviants when we make human form and sexualiy taboo. What you will not see as much of in Europe is the violence. If a family is watching the Super Bowl (or any program for that matter)and you see nudity or violence or whatever thing it is you wish your children not to see, turn to them and tell them what is wrong with what they just saw. (By the way, this is not a personal attack on you, I have no reason to think that you are a bad parent) People these days are not parenting their kids, they are too lazy and rely on the television to raise their kids for them. This is a problem. I totally agree with your anger in the fats suing McD’s and the like, it is ridiculous. I also heard that a family is suing a cable company for its addictive nature being the cause of his, his wife’s, and his kids’ laziness and obesity (apparently the kids school failure is the tv company’s fault as well). This country is going down the tube if its judicial system allows for these absurd actions of lazy individuals.

  • ghost

    I think Janet had no clue it was to happen. If you see her face just after, she looks pissed. I think Justin was pissed at her for dumping him and thought he would get back at her in front of the world. It worked. Im not saying that is is OK or was EXPECTED, but I really think it worked for his angry little self.

  • J

    What I want to know is what WAS the intended result of Timberlake’s action?
    Was a portion of the outfit supposed to tear away, or what?

  • foronceandforall

    Hi ghost,
    Thank you for the post. We are in agreement on a lot of things. I apologize if my previous post sounded harsh, sometimes I get caught up in the moment and type faster than I think, lol. I was thinking the same thing about Janet, she looked completely shocked, but then I realized, she does have acting experience, she could have very well been acting. I was looking at the photo of her attire. It appears she had a red bra on underneath the leather number. I was wondering if Justin was supposed to rip off the black part and expose the bra but it went awry. Then I started thinking further and most bras don’t ‘snap’ in front unless they are maternity/nursing bras so she must have worn it with a purpose in mind. If I were planning a “stunt” where someone was to remove one garmet but not the other I would be sure they weren’t both snapping garmets for that very reason. Plus the move was so smooth, it happened so quick. I think if it were unplanned he might have fumbled, she may not have been positioned just right for him to reach over like he did, he wouldn’t have done it because he wouldn’t have known that it opened up that way, etc. Plus, those were some uncomfortable looking nipple decorations. I don’t think she would have reason to wear them had she not wanted them seen. Just my opinion. It looked too choreographed.

  • paul

    What’s the big deal!

    What year is this 1950? It’s a bloody breast! It was mearly exposed for a few seconds. The only reason it’s a big deal, is because people are make it a big deal. No one seem to talk about the Bud commercial with the two girls french kissing. That my friends was erotic.


  • Bebster

    On field fighting started with the opening kick-off with CBS donating air time to slow motion re-plays of uppercuts to the midsections of various players. In Football, one of the most dangerous sports ever played, it is common for such injuries as compound fractures, concussions, broken limbs and necks. How many times have we stared at the TV set as a player lies motionless on the field? Are you more comfortable explaining to your child why that man on the field isn’t moving than you are talking about the female body? Don’t BS me (or yourself) with “I wasn’t prepared for such Depravity”, you tuned in and let your children watch gladiators try to destroy each other simply to entertain you. One of the highest rated (most watched) programs in America is CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigated which routinely shows slow motion re-enactments of gun shot exit wounds complete with spattering blood and bone fragments. But that’s OK, nobody talks about that. Over 150 million people tuned in to watch an event where one of the players might have died. Live on TV. Would anyone have talked about that the next day? Would there have been an FCC Investigation? Would CBS have apologised for subjecting us to such wanton violence? Don’t drop the whole moral degradation of the universe on Janet’s shoulders. Each and every one of us has a role to play.

  • Well I think it is sad that people are harking on a boob so much.

    Ok Lets look at football from the reality standards. NFL Football is a bunch of grown men in tight outfits with lots of padding knocking the crap out of each other trying to get a ball to a goal post.

    People get seriously injured some even result in permanent disability and death but are we going to stop the sport heck no.

    Have you noticed those cute little little barely there hardly any cloth to them left anymore costumes the cheerleaders wear now a days I mean half of them are just glorified bakinis with short short daisy duke like skirt/shorts with plenty of panty shots and butt cheeks hanging out. Do we make them put on more clothes heck no.

    You got woman exposing themselves daily, Feeding a child at the store, or mall, Or in a park. We all where exposed to breasts when we where children being fed by our mothers don’t make that same part of our body be dirty because it was slightly exposed during a half time game.

    Woman wearing bathing suites that conveniently fall off when entering a pool. Necked people shots on various popular TV shows.

    The problem is not that her boob was exposed. It is that people of America are ashamed of the natural body. They call it dirty and evil to expose it.

    Look at art. How many of the most famous art pictures are of nude men and woman Statues, paintings and the like that you see when you walk into a museum. Do you call it dirty and evil. No. It is admired and found to be beautiful.

    People need to quit harping on this whole expose your body and go to hell BS because it is not written in the bible as such.

    Her nipple was covered. Maybe the tip was exposed but unless you get a magnifying glass and blow up the picture it is not fully exposed and the woman in shampoo commercials and movies with only their hair covering there breast reveal as much if not more than Janet did Yesterday. Get a life people. Because breasts provide it.

  • Chris Wilson


    You have a good point. But I think what is at root of Janet Jackson’s exposure of her boob is simple. As viewers, we were all universally exploited against our will. We were led to believe (by CBS, by MTV by the NFL) that the Super Bowl halftime show was a family show. Most families do not want their children to see seductive dancing, exposed and pierced breasts, tattoos, etc… More importantly, CBS used the Super Bowl show as a way to blatantly and offensively promote it’s upcoming Grammy show and Janet Jackson. Such controversy breeds conversation, talk and eventually viewers/record sells. We can’t even watch a football game anymore without producers/singers/entertainers exploiting our every waking moment, offending us, distracting us, trying to take up our time and take our money. The exposed breast was just another way that we, as viewers were violated by an ever-increasing, overwhelming, consumer-driven culture. It was just another way that we have been further desensitized, shocked in such a way so that we will sit up and pay attention to their product……Now it’s just being thrust at us without warning, simply because that’s the only way they can get our attention so that we might briefly consider buying their packaged, fabricated plastic product that we do not particularly need…… Thus, we are losing control of our personal/private lives because multiple corporations have not an ounce of respect for the very people/customers that keep them afloat……There is no safe haven from blatant promotion.

  • S.

    Superbowl scandal… Male dancers prance around “naked from the waste up” with hardly a glance. Jackson’s breast is exposed for a brief moment causes over a million glances. Parents allow their children to watch the brutality of men beating each other for a piece of skin. They allow their children to watch cheerleaders with their barely covered chests, crotches and derrieres; men without shirts and women in burlesque style clothing prancing around. (But it is ok because they are “dancers.”) They allow their children to watch the alcoholic beverage sponsors, penile erectile dysfunction ads, internet ads depicting risky behavior. They even allow their children to *listen* to inappropriate-for-children lyrics of ALL of the performers. I don’t think this is exactly “family-viewing” or “family-listening” at that. Parents, take responsibility for your own lack of censorship (VHS recorders are great, arent they?) Simple reaserch of the halftime show performers would have shown none were exactly on the list of “christian-approved” or “politically-correct” performers. I applaud Ms. Jackson’s beautiful body (as I applaud the dancers and cheer leaders!) If you don’t like it: turn it off. If corporate executives don’t like it: quite your overpaid job and get a life. If you want family programming watch the Disney channel.

  • Chris Wilson

    You’re missing the point “S.” Corporate executives do like it and planned it. Their apologies were already prepared prior to the halftime show and the breast exposure…….They WANTED this controversy to happen for promotional/moneymaking purposes. This is NOT an argument about the beauty of the female body or the morality of nakedness. It is an argument about people being shocked and manipulated in their homes all for the purpose of selling records and improving ratings on upcoming television programs. We are being manipulated and exploited…….That is the basic point……not the violence of football, the bare midriff of cheerleaders or the beauty of the human body…..

  • yoh, I think it was a blooper cause like ghost said she had a red bra underneath and i believe when he ripped it off he grabbed the bra and in the process the nipple ring caught the bra and tore the bra off of that side.janet has always been very erotic in her videos and she usually wears such nipple rings probably for some guy after the superbowl I heard she partied afterward or she could of had a jewel or something in the middle of the ring and it didn’t stay with a bra that exposes only the nipple which if done right could be a real fashion statement and everybody knows how janet and fashion statements are

  • anyway put it this way if the kids don’t know what a boob looks like then they still don’t know and therefore can’t make out janet’s boob unless the parents tell them. the kids that know are better off because if they already know they won’t freak out when they see the next one and sqirt all over themselves before the girl even touches him and it’s up to the parents to tell your children what’s right and what’s wrong after you show them exactly what it is cause kids will not listen until they experience it for themselves and make a free decision on there own. for example: like cigarettes give him a cigarette light it and tell him cigarettes kill but you can try it I can gurantee 75%percent says he won’t grow up smoking. this method can be difficult with the situation at hand so tell him the consquences of sexual harrassment and tell your daughters the consequences of indecent exposure or being a ebony teen: money, money, money lol (sike i’m just playing bout the last choice) regardless if you take my advice or not in the end it all relies on the kids cause if there gonna do it there gonna do it no matter what they gotta do what more rules they gotta break it’s gonna happen and it’s not gonna take long either i thought they still taught human anatomy at elem. school anyway?

  • Dude

    Is it me, or doesn’t Justin’s blaming the wardrobe person for the mishap seem a bit petty?

  • adguy

    In my opinion it was very much planned. You can clearly tell by how Janet’s outfit “malfunctioned”. The cup very cleanly separted from her outfit as if held on by velcro. Had it truely been an accident, her top would have shown signs of damage.

    Isn’t it bad enough we get subjected to these pathetic “lip sync” musical performances each year? Janet Jackson came off as nothing more than a “studio singer” who sounds good only after the sound engineers work their magic on the recordings. Since she can’t seem to sing live, she has to resort to visual distractions and shock tactics.

    Anyway, this incident and the array of poor commercials seen during the Superbowl just appears a bit sad to me. The attitude seems to be “Well, we can’t think of anything truley clever or entertaining, so let’s just settle for potty humor.” It’s similar to a comedian who goes on stage with weak material – if the material sucks, just say the “F” word a bunch of times and you’ll get a cheap laugh.

    Advertising is now following that same line of thinking.

  • kdm

    I can’t believe this is still going on. How funny is this.

    To the parents who were shocked on behalf of their children:

    Your kids have seen worse, regardless of whether you are aware of it. Every teen pop star they listen to has revealed more skin on MTV than Janet did, the records they listen to are laden with innuendo and suggestive lyrics, the magazines they read discuss more provocative issues and believe it or not if they have any friends when you are not around they are talking about how hot Justin or Britney is. If you are aware of the above and do nothing then you are defeating your moral stance.

    If you think otherwise you need to pay more attention to popular culture. And in doing so pay attention to the problems of the real world and not half a breast. Or you could change the channel at that time and watch someone getting bown away by an Uzi in an action movie which I’m sure (becasue nobody complains about it) is perfectly okay in your household.

    If you’re going to complain about the downfall of humanity be consistent and not just attack the obvious. It’s demonstrative of a lazy and ignorant mind. To start with why don’t you get the movie ratings changed so that kids are not allowed into R rated movies at all, then I can watch an adult film without having to suffer kids with their idiot parents.

  • dena

    Actually…the fact that the cup came away does not mean that she intended him to tear it off. The type of bustier/catsuit she had on has cups that snap in and out of it…so that you can snap in ones of different colors. They sell them on many lingerie sites on the web. As for the nipple jewelry…anyone who is a fan knows she wears that sort of stuff all the time. Her spokeswoman is saying Justin was just supposed to tear off the “outer” cup….leaving the inner red lace on. Instead….he pulled them both off….

  • Jim

    Okay, so Larry David gets bit on the dick, Janet Jackson gets all the press?

  • 1. While FCC Chairman Powell is outraged over his incident let’s not forget part of this administration policy of allowing large media companies to own few stations will result in more marriages of MTV, CBS, and Viacom all being the same entity. Consolidation will lead to more incongruous marriages of a network trying to be family oriented and a cable channel trying to be edgy.

    2. Another nearly nude person — a streaker managed to get on the field despite the tightest security in Super Bowl history. From his proximity on the field if he was armed he could have killed a player, an official, or anyone in the stands. That was the most outrageous nudity of the night.

  • Initially, I’d thought that it HAD to be intentional, and I thought it was a pasty (is that how you spell that?). However, after reading the news, and looking at the video a few times (okie, quite a few), it’s clear that it was a mistake. It’s not a pasty, it’s a nipple shield, a sort of piercing jewlery.

    Here’s the video: Janet Jackson oops video.

    Judge for yourself.

    All that said, should we be shocked by a woman’s breast? It’s not a bad thing, is it?


  • Linda

    You know all these people throwing a fit really makes me want to laugh. Brittney all but strips on a show, rubs all over men and women in her videos, kisses another woman on tv, and you can include Christina Aguilera in this one too, and you dont’ see any investigation going on… but show a boob and all heck breaks loose… I don’t understand it. Expected or unexpected it’s not any worse than high school girls and boys all over mooning and flashing like they have been doing for well over 20 years… does that mean they should be investigated as well?

  • Mother of Three

    Brittney & Madonna’s stunt was on MTV, I don’t let my 4 & 7 year old watch MTV.
    I have to sit with remote control in hand to change the channel for the superbowl? I DON’T THINK SO!!! I am tired of this stuff, and I am glad there is such an uproar and that there is going to be an investigation! The whole halftime show was nothing but soft porn to regular porn, and THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I don’t want my kids watching that! And they should be able to enjoy a superbowl halftime show!