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Boob Makes Net History

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Janet Jackson’s breast has become the most searched-for image in net history. To this I reply, “No shit.”

    Search engines reported a big jump in searches for terms such as Janet Jackson and Super Bowl, as people turn to the web for images of the event.

    The maker of digital video recorders, Tivo, said it was also one of the most watched moments in US TV history, as people paused and replayed the event.

    ….Search engine Lycos said the brief flash of flesh had become the most searched for event in its history, even beating searches for 11 September.

    “On Monday, Janet Jackson and the half-time show received 60 times as many searches as the Paris Hilton sex tape and 80 times as many searches as Britney Spears,” said Aaron Schatz, who compiles a daily list of top search phrases for Lycos. [BBC]

Hey, Aaron is a Blogcritic, by the way.

    People using Google searched for “Janet Jackson” almost 10 times more the day after the game than they did on Sunday, said the company.

    And by Wednesday Jackson broke records on Yahoo, accounting for nearly 20% of all terms searched on the site.

We have told our traffic story, but check out our keyword searches – these are our all-time numbers:

213999 10.20% janet
196662 9.37% jackson
169426 8.07% superbowl
52535 2.50% super
51648 2.46% bowl
45389 2.16% the
41954 1.99% halftime
21326 1.01% and
15425 0.73% video
14276 0.68% evanescense
12623 0.60% show
12255 0.58% jacksons
11252 0.53% movie
10106 0.48% breast

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  • No duh.

    It brought my website down because I ran out of bandwidth.

    Donations anyone? *Scowl*

    No more hot-linking to my site. I was being nice but people abused the privilege.

    Be happy Eric, I still will let this site hotlink to mine. It’s on the “okay” list.

    Other people who do it will get a nasty surprise so..


  • 14276 searches for evanescense? That’s not even how you spell it. How sad.

  • Eric Olsen

    um, that IS how you spell “evanescence”

  • Um… Let’s see

    Search of evanescence gives:

    Main Entry: ev·a·nes·cence
    Pronunciation: “e-v&-‘ne-s&n(t)s
    Function: noun
    1 : the process or fact of evanescing
    2 : evanescent quality

    Search of evanescense gives:
    Suggestions for evanescense:
    1. evanescence
    2. evanescences
    3. evanescent
    4. evennesses
    5. averseness
    6. evanesces
    7. evanescing
    8. evanesced
    9. evensongs
    10. ovalnesses

    So I’m not quite sure what dictionary you’ve actually found a spelling where it’s “evanescense” and not “evanescence.” And believe me, your comment has made me double think temporarily the spelling of the word, but all searches through popular online dictionaries have turned up the proper spelling to be “evanescence.”

  • Visual, ‘Evanescence’ is a band name, and that is the correct spelling. Any similarity to a work in the dictionary is purely coincidental.

    Just for kicks, try to Google for the “correct” spelling. I get a question from Google: “Did you mean: evanescence”


  • I was merely trying to point out the incorrect search of the band name or the word (in either case), made the top 10 search at this site, while the actual correct spelling did not.