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Bono update

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Bono continues to equivocate on his war position:

Bono shied away from mentioning President Bush’s US address announcing the Iraq war, broadcast only two hours before.

“Instead I’m going to talk about what I know about,” he said, before appealing to the US to launch a war on poverty after the war on terrorism has ended.
Here’s another interesting Bono related article.

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  • the geek with no name

    please, what exaclty is your point? trying to manipulate bono’s words to the point where is might be seen to support your own personal view? trying to bask in some of his reflected glory? bono has not made is position expressly clear as of yet, nor is he required to do so.


    that, is the reality. i challenge anyone so gung-ho in favour of this invasion to volunteer to fight it.

  • The point is … duh … is to say, he hasn’t said any thing … if you were paying attention, you’d know I’ve posted on this topic twice before.

    And where the HELL am I manipulating anything Bono said? I merely reported the facts. I didn’t take a position one way or another, no did I say anywhere at any time that Bono was obligated to take a position either pro or con.

    Why are your panties in a wad?

    Second, I’m 41 years old. They won’t let me volunteer, because I’m too old, but I would if I could. And, I should point out, I served my country. I did my four years. Did you? Furthermore, the vast majority of service man in country right now are gung ho about their job.

    Do you know what you’re talking about on any subject?

  • yanni805

    war. what is it good for? absolutely nothing

  • Sarah

    It’s good for liberating children and other living things from dictators who want to gouge their eyes out, that’s what.

    Although I’m not entirely surprised that Yanni would take a pacifist stance. He always did seem rather spacey on those PBS concerts.

  • the geek with no name

    if your point is to report that bono has so far made no statement on the war, then what’s your point? how informative of you.

    i live in australia, where our prime minister has just signed off other people’s children – who bravely volunteer to defend our country – to die in a conflict that has nothing to do with us, that is immoral not to mention illegal. but never mind that as US forces can never be tried in the ICC they so arrogantly fail to acknowledge (we also cowardly put ourselves in that basket.)

    my father fought in vietnam, and i have never met a more traumatised person in all my life. so, no i do not serve in the armed forces – i have lived with the effects of war my whole life. i sincerely hope you never saw anything in armed conflict like what he did. if you served in a war. and i am female, so that poses a slight problem aside from my religious commitment to pacifism.

    bono’s job is that of rockstar, but i would watch the acadamy awards closely…

  • steve rhodes

    bono is wearing an anti-war pin at the oscars along with the rest of u2 according to the NY Times.

    I’m not quite sure what your obsession with him is. Face it he’s against the war.

  • Here’s the info about Bono wearing the ani-war button:

    Robert Greenwald, a Hollywood producer and director who helped found Artists United to Win Without War, said a number of celebrities had committed to wearing antiwar pins at the awards, including Ben Affleck, Kirsten Dunst, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange, Meryl Streep and the entire U2 rock band.