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Bono At The RNC

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Bono paid a visit to the Republican National Convention (posing here with an attendee):

Bono hung out in in the Host Committee Suite for 15 minutes…

Then as quick as he arrived, he was gone…

Additional coverage at Wizbang. For aggregated coverage of the RNC from credentialed and uncredentialed bloggers visit RNCBloggers.com

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  • Eric Olsen

    excellent Kev, thanks!

  • wow.

    only bono can look cool at a republican convention.

    i hope he didn’t say fuck.


  • RJ

    I think it’s a safe guess that he did a little more than say fuck. I suspect he probably layed wood in the “attendee” shown in photo number one…

  • Bona_U2

    All I can say is…I love that man!!!