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Bones: The Perfect Procedural for the Squeamish

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After coming down with mono before the first week of school, I discovered that the most activity I was capable of consisted of lying on my big green couch and eating as little as possible. After a period of time, watching TV just got old. So I decided to test out Netflix. My fiancé is very into the TV shows CSI and Bones. I cannot watch CSI because I’m somewhat of a wimp and get scared at night, and often have nightmares about crime scenes and killers. However, I decided to give Bones a try since I quite frankly had nothing else to do with my time.

Bones is a televisions series on FOX, and recently launched its fifth season. After catching up on the past four seasons, I have to admit that I was anxiously looking forward to the season premiere. This show is not just about finding bones that are 18 years old and solving an investigation. The majority of its popularity comes from the sexual tension and comedic one-liners between Dr. Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth. Their intimate relationship gets you wrapped up and wishing for more.

Dr. Brennan is an extremely intelligent woman who has a drive for truth and won’t let anything stop her from getting it. She has a team of brilliant colleagues that add humor and tension to the show. Agent Booth is a former Army sniper who mistrusts science and scientists who try to solve a crime just from evidence. But even he can’t deny that the combination of his people skills and Brennan’s high intelligence makes an unstoppable team. Their different backgrounds and beliefs on various subjects develop into unique and personal conversations that eventually make them not only partners, but best friends.

This show doesn’t terrify a normal weenie like myself. The humor and central focus on relationships helps the show not come across as gory or graphic. Yes, there are scenes where they discover a pile of bones and it does show how a victim was killed. But unlike other shows of its kind, it doesn’t have skin flapping and scary, traumatic story lines that leave the audience jumpy after watching it. The show isn’t specifically a “feel good” television series, but it is comical and intriguing. The intertwining relationships between Brennan, Booth, and the Jeffersonian’s Medico-Legal Lab crew keeps the audience interested and guessing what might happen next.

Overall, the Bones series is a perfect show for a person who can’t handle too much gore and graphic details. I would recommend it to a person who enjoys CSI and the other crime scene shows. But the show has much more than just crime scene investigations. The episodes are full of humor and also a touch of romance. Bones is a dark and amusing procedural show with humor, heart, and character, inspired by real-life forensic anthropologist and novelist Kathy Reichs. So if you’re a person who enjoys a book more than a television show or a movie, you could try out one of her books first.

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  • I love this show, too! Great article!

  • You’d have to read the books first. The show is based on the main character in the books.