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Bonds Can Run But He Can’t Hide.

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According to an item in the Sunday May 8th edition of the New York Daily News, Major League Baseball is conducting and investigation into Barry Bonds and his myriad sketchy connections, and as a result members of the San Francisco Giants front office are “starting to freak out” over Bonds’ mounting problems.

The item in the Daily News states that Bonds is not only facing problems as a result of his dealings with Balco Labs and Company, but Major League Baseball feels that now Bonds is “at risk of prison over allegations of tax fraud.” And I repeat, just NOW members of the Giants front office are freaking out. Just NOW.

Do you know what? These members of the Giants front office are clueless fools. The warning signs have been waved in front of the faces of not only the Giants, but in front of everyone ever since Barry started to get huge around the age of 35.

What do members of MLB Security need to see? A needle in someone’s arm? Vials of substances being exchanged? If MLB is so on top of things, they would have been onto the Balco-Bonds connection years ago. There was an article in Muscle and Fitness magazine in May of 2003 that should have set every alarm off and raised all of the red flags that the league should have needed to see that there was a problem here. A big problem.

Even if the MLB wasn’t aware of Bonds’ associations, the Giants certainly should have been and should have passed their concerns on to the league.

And really who cares about Bonds’ tax problems? If someone in his position, making the money that he is making on the field, is dumb enough to risk it all for some penny-ante memorabilia stuff, he deserves to go to prison.

For the record he made $18 million last year just from his salary. So if he took a chance and didn’t report as income some chump change he made to sign some balls, he’s stupid and greedy. He should get punished. Gee Barry, is this the media’s fault, too?

Now if you all believe that MLB and the Giants did NOT know what Bonds was up to, than this scenario may be plausible. However, as time goes by I’m starting to wonder if the league and the team just didn’t want to bother with one of the games biggest stars.

I’m starting to wonder if the powers that be might have been thinking, “Screw it, he’ll never get caught, he’s too smart. Why should we get involved in something that will make everyone look bad regardless of the outcome?”

Think about it. If MLB decided to embark on a big investigation into some pretty big-time improprieties by one of the biggest names in the game, regardless of the outcome everyone would have looked bad. If Bonds was involved in anything unsavory it’s bad for everyone. And if the league investigated and found nothing, the fact that an investigation was conducted at all would reflect poorly upon everyone involved, whether or not any violations were uncovered.

If an investigation had been conducted, and Bonds were exonerated, people would still think that something pretty bad had to be going on in order for the league to stick their nose in. And if after all of the hullabaloo that an investigation such as this would create, the league found nothing, a lot of people would feel that the league is either incompetent or covering up something. And there would also be those who would think that the league was persecuting Bonds for some reason or another, and conducted the investigation just to make him look bad.

So basically this whole thing about the league and the Giants just getting concerned NOW is bullshit…yes I said bullshit. And until the rest of us recognize this as bullshit, and start calling the members of MLB on such nonsense, they will continue to try to sell this bullshit to us.

By the way, I haven’t written a review of Harry Frankfurt’s book “On Bullshit” for this site. But I have read it, and plug it, at every opportunity that I get, both online and off. Anyone who is sick of the garbage that is being fed to the public by athletes and those who run professional sports will definitely enjoy this book. Anyone who thinks that too many people are trying to bullshit their way through life – from politics to business to sports – will love this book.

There is no better instance to illustrate the concept of “bullshit” than the Barry Bonds situation and the situation of “steroids” in baseball.

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