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Bombs Over Baghdad

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In the wake of “Fahrenheit 9-11” there has been an increase in the number of documentaries released by the Hollywood machine. With all that is going on in our world these days, it’s no wonder that documentaries of politics or even the hamburger industry competes with the latest super hero spin offs and sequels. Many of them have moved us to action, educated us on matter we may have known about but were never exposed to, and enlightened us on the human factors behind every debate. One such movie opens tomorrow and is sure to have people talking.

Gunner Palace” was made by Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein. They follow a field artillery unit in Baghdad that was stationed at one of Uday Hussein’s abandoned palaces, during the height of the Iraq conflict. It should be at the very least, an interesting look into reality of being in combat in Iraq. This film is sure to stoke the fires of debate between the left and the right here at home. Some are already crying foul because of the strictly American viewpoint. Regardless, it is a viewpoint that we have not seen or heard as of yet. “Gunner Palace” looks to be a must-see film of the year, as “Fahrenheit” was last year. (Ed. Note. So last year I may add)

For trailers of the film, check the following links.




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  • Eric Olsen

    thanks LC, very nice job


    I saw an advance screening of this movie, I recommend everyone see it.
    I don’t think it will actually change anyone’s mind regardless of their position on Iraq, but it will give the viewer a much better idea of what soldiering in Iraq entails.

  • L. Cue

    I want to see the full movie. It looks good. (so do the edits)