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Boggled by BloggerBot!

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Until recently, if you wanted to start a blog you had to know something about html. This eliminated the huge majority of writers who don’t know, and don’t want to know, any of that crap.

These people, who never enrolled in a community college class on the matter, who never even googled html to find out what it’s about, who never took up any of the many offers to start their own blog for free, are the very same people who satisfy their urge to type by attaching interminable commentaries to the ass-end of our posts.

Blogger, which is now owned by Google, is changing that picture rapidly. I have five blogs, all managed from one location: BloggerBot. Posting, editing and updating is quick, and now they have a preview that’s getting closer to wysiwyg. Which means I can usually post once, without having to fix some stupid thing and do it all over.

Blogger partners with several companies like Sitemeter and Haloscan (commenting service), and is now announcing a new partnership with Hello! from Picasa that makes posting pictures direct from your files to your blog super easy. And as far as I can tell, there seems to be no limit to the number of pictures you can post.

What’s cool about Hello is how it uses old IM technology in a brand new way. Instant Messaging, that annoying device built to destroy concentration and rechannel your energies toward the maintenance of banal online relationships, is at the very core of the Hello! concept.

All you’re doing is sharing a picture with your blog. Or somebody else’s. It is a process that can only be described by the word bimida-bamada-boom.

BloggerBot also makes sharing a blog extremely easy. For example, Shark and I recently launched The Post-Depressionist Almanac. Gotta tell you: blogging is definitely funner with two.

Should I share the Blogger url and make it really easy for you?


Here’s why, you slug. Discovery is the essence of growth.

If you don’t have the Google Toolbar, get it. On it is the Blogger “B.” Click it. Sign up. Go.

And if you’re not a fan of Google, become one. Because Google is shaking everybody up. Yesterday I received a free unasked-for upgrade to my mail account. Instead of a paltry 10M for which I actually paid $10, I now get 2 gigabytes free. Which means I don’t have to spend an hour once a week deleting old mail so I’ll have room for new mail.

Yay. Of course, I thank Yahoo, sort of. But I thank Google more. And most of all John Locke for the free-market concepts that spawned such competition.

If it weren’t for lack of pay, I’d say we’re in a blogging rennaissance. Paging Mr. Medici. Please come to the front desk. Mr. Medici?

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  • It’s easy to drag and drop pictures with Hello and it will resize and automatically post to one’s blog. Doesn’t get much easier than this.