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For living things the body is the integral physical material of that individual. The study of the body is known as physiology. Body image, or one’s view of one’s body creates problems for many people especially women and teenagers. Negative or distorted body image leads people to shame and anxiety, emotional distress and low self esteem. Often pre-teen and teenage issues such as acne and menstruation can trigger this type of distress. Developing a realistic and positive body image is critical to building self image, self esteem and happiness. Finding a body weight that feels comfortable or a "set point" where the body seems to be able to easily maintain that weight is a useful first step to developing a stronger body image.

Body blogs are popular in the Blogosphere and may include tips on body building, promoting positive body image and self image. Many of the sites are aimed at young girls or teenagers who are in the critical stages of developing body images. Our Bodies has an informative blog on body image with positive steps for improving body perspective.

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