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Body Watch: Some People Just Won’t Take Care of Themselves

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Aren’t you tired of celebrities who claim that they are not—nor do they wish to be—role models? Apparently they’re giving themselves license to do whatever they choose, no matter how self-destructive. They refuse to see that everyone is an example of something.

Case in point: Christina Aguilera. O-M-G has she ever let herself go? Just look at her.

According to US Magazine, “A source tells Britain’s Daily Mail that ‘it’s bizarre Christina has put on so much weight as she’s been doing lots of dancing and high energy work for Burlesque [out in November]. The whole movie is choreography and she was very active so I’m surprised she’s piled on the pounds so quickly.’”

Did I wake up in an alternate universe this morning? “Piled on the pounds”? “So much weight?” Give me a flippin’ break. If all women looked like Christina looks right now, health care costs in this country would plummet. Reduced diabetes, reduced heart disease, reduced strokes…need I go on?

Of course, the Daily Mail’s source is not revealed, but US snippily posted, “It was a startling contrast from the singer’s svelte figure a few months ago.” Right. Now she’s a blimp. Somebody put some ropes on that girl, we need her for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!

It’s not the superficial values that get me (they got me a long time ago), it’s the vapidity of journalism. It hasn’t been that long since articles were written fretting about how anorexic Aguilera looked. Is the current journalistic motto “write anything”? (Of course, that’s not all bad, I got to write this.)

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  • Jordan Richardson

    There was a time when big hips and larger breasts were considered attractive. Now those natural features are equated with a “blimp” and females are expected to resemble 10-year-old boys. Creepy.

    I’d hate to see what the rags would do to Marilyn Monroe these days.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “If all women looked like Christina looks right now, health care costs in this country would plummet. Reduced diabetes, reduced heart disease, reduced strokes…need I go on?”

    Sure, I can agree to a certain extent,but, skinny or underweight doesn’t necessarily equate to healthy especially when Celebrities & Models have been known to shoot heroin between their toes, doing cocaine and/or starving themselves.

    She might have “piled on the pounds”, even though she was very active, because she didn’t watch her diet as strictly as she normally would. And if she was taking any kind of suppressant or dieting “drug” and then she gave those up then that could be the reason as well. BUT, we could speculate all day long.

    Ultimately, I have to agree with Jordan… The current trend is rather creepy.

  • Doug Hunter

    It’s strange, what Jordan says is very true and many people, including me, would wholeheartedly agree. That begs the question, why the skinny standards exist in the first place. Could it be fashion? marketing? the media? the US obsession with youth (explains the 10 year old boy thing)?

  • Couldn’t be because the thinner people are, the more uniform in shape they are, and the less material and range of sizes clothing manufacturers have to use… thereby saving a bucketload in costs… could it?

  • the real bob

    From what I’ve seen, many vendors charge higher prices for larger sizes, so I guess the savings would only be on the clothing they put on their models. I don’t really get the emaciated model look, though. Doesn’t it say, “You could have great clothes like me, but you won’t have any money left to buy food”?

  • Arch Conservative

    “superficial values” has proven to ve a very profitable industry. Television, print media, music…they’re all rolling th egreen from having dumbed us down andplayed to the lowest common denominator. There’s nothing wrong aith a little mindless entertainment here or there but it seems like that’s all we have to choose form these days.

    Why are you even reading US Magazine and writing articles about the articles in the first place Miss Bob? You’re just feeding the beast.

  • the real bob

    Arch, you are so right! It’s not bad enough I read the daily updates from US–I have to publicize the fact. I have no shame! (But I did let my guilty pleasure–subscription to People Magazine–run out. Maybe there’s hope for me.)

  • Arch Conservative

    Hey don’t feel bad. I commented on an article about an article in US magazine.

  • I agree with you, Miss Bob – Christina looks fabulous and health costs would plummet if women in America all looked like her!

  • Chris Merlo

    Christina DOES look fabulous. So since most all of us can agree that if all other American women looked like her, that the utilitarian effect would be a drastic reduction in health costs, then what does that say about the vast majority (like 8 out of 10) of American women? And when all of you go out to live your daily lives outside of your homes, why are you not addressing this issue with the 8 out of 10 obese, fat, lethargic, lazy, and walking health disasters of a woman you see??? Hum????