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Body Scanners, Health and Privacy

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Are body scanners a threat to our health and privacy? In my humble opinion, yes they are.

Everyone knows about the various threats posed by terrorism everywhere in the world, but sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. The body scanners belong to this category.

Body Scanners and Health

Whatever they tell you, body scanners emit radiation — hopefully, for those who operate them, only against the person being checked. Otherwise how could they show what you have at a skin level? They say they are perfectly safe for everyone but how long have they been studied? A couple of years? Everyone thought that x-rays were one of the greatest discoveries on Earth but when they saw doctors dying like flies from radiation, they changed their minds. The same thing goes for asbestos used everywhere and now one of the worst substances on Earth. If something hasn’t been extensively studied — and not by those who profit from it — as regards health, it would be better avoided. At least if our health still matters something.

Body Scanners and Privacy
There is no privacy, well, probably at the same level of being checked by hand in the middle of a crowd. I think that everyone should be allowed 100% privacy when checked. It’s a basic right, and a basic freedom. They say that there’s nothing saved when they see you practically naked but who knows for real? And by the way why should I show you my body’s secrets? And if, police officers must maintain the highest level of privacy is it the same for those working in the private sector? How much would be valued a picture of an actress, or actor, naked by the body scanner?

Besides this body scanners are almost useless, except for those who sold them gold weight around the world. It reminds me of Avian Flu or Swine Flu vaccines. A dog does the same with less expenses and greater precision and without risks for health and privacy. But clearly there is not as much money to make as selling dogs.

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