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Bobcat Radio: Dylan On the Air

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The news that Howard Stern was moving to satellite radio didn’t cause much of a stir at The Opinion Mill. But Bob Dylan hosting his own satellite radio show? Why, that’s even more important than a giant squid sighting!

A radio show with Bob Dylan choosing the music will be a very special thing indeed. I remember reading an interview with Don Was, the producer of Dylan’s Under the Red Sky disc, who revealed that His Bobness is in fact a walking encyclopedia of American music. “You can’t stump him on an old song,” Was said, or words to that effect, and a list of the cover songs Dylan has played in concert — everybody from Curtis Mayfield and Tampa Red to Sonny Boy Williamson and Warren Zevon — suggests the man has a relationship to music that goes way deeper than anything you’d expect even from a professional musician. I can’t even imagine what riches somebody with this kind of depth of knowledge will trawl up.

(There’s a two-volume bootleg recording of a legendary show at Toad’s Place in New Haven, Conn., where Dylan spent hours taking requests, ranging through his own back catalogue and zipping back and forth in time as he chose covers — amusingly, he fluffed the lyrics to a recent tune like “Dancin’ in the Dark” even while nailing something as venerable as Big Bill Broonzy’s “Keys to the Highway.”)

None of which is to say I’m going to subscribe to satellite radio anytime soon. But damn . . . Dylan doing a radio show! Maybe some enterprising Bobcat will rig up a podcast or something. A BobPodCast? I am so there.


Originally posted on The Opinion Mill.

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