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Bobby Clarke Bigfoot Video – Don’t Believe the Hype!?

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 It seems some news services are scrambling for updates on the recent Bobby Clarke Bigfoot video, and a statement on the case made by James Hare, a zoology professor at the University of Manitoba is apparently the best they`ve found. *Mr.Clarke is refusing interviews for the time being.


“Despite mounting excitement over a reported sighting of Bigfoot in northern Manitoba, a zoologist is warning people not to believe the hype. ‘I would say I’m very skeptical, because indeed most of these purported sightings prove to be hoaxes in the end,’ James Hare, a professor at the University of Manitoba, said yesterday.” He continues, ‘There is absolutely no credible scientific evidence of the existence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch or whatever you want to call it.’ – The Edmonton Sun


“There is absolutely no credible scientific evidence of the existence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch or whatever you want to call it” ….This slightly biased sounding statement led me to question to what extent Hare has studied the subject. Before accepting this statement as fact, I decided to do a little investigating myself. 


Believe it or not, there are  reputable scientists out there who consider not only the existence of Bigfoot plausible, but who warrant what little evidence we do have, as credible enough to merit serious study.


Discovery Channel`s, Daily Planet offers a video clip in which  Missy Flett, who has viewed the Clarke videotape, gives an audio description of what she saw, and her opinion on it`s authenticity. Also on the clip is an interview with Dr. Jeff Meldrum, an anatomist,  primatologist, and paleontologist with the University of Idaho who has been analyzing plaster casts of  purported Bigfoot tracks. Daily Planet, Latest Show, “I See Bigfoot”


In an 2003 article published on, titled Forensic Expert Says Bigfoot Is Real, Investigator Jimmy Chilcutt of the Conroe Police Department in Texas, a specialist in finger- and footprints, states that after analyzing a plaster cast of a foot print found in Walla Walla, Washington in 1987, he is convinced that Bigfoot is real, and why. 


The article also gives a solid overview of the history of Bigfoot phenomena, including a view from both sides of the debate….


Michael Dennet, from the Skeptical Inquirer states – “It’s the same kind of eyewitness reports we see for the Loch Ness Sea Monster, UFOs, ghosts, you name it,” he said. “The monster thing is a universal product of the human mind. We hear such stories from around the world.” –


  Jane Goodall  in an interview on National Public Radio – “Renowned chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall last year surprised an interviewer from National Public Radio when she said she was sure that large, undiscovered primates, such as the Yeti or Sasquatch, exist.” - National Geographic

*Goodall Interview Transcript. To listen to the interview – NPR Archive


If you`re interested in cryptozoology, or would like to learn more, is a great resource site. After scanning their message board, it seems that some members have contacts who have supplied a few further details on the Clarke case not yet reported. For instance, the video apparently was filmed with a digital video camera, and was equipped with a zoom lens. Other sources have reported that Clarke is no longer in possession of the videotape, which I would presume to mean he has found someone to enhance, and possible verify the videotape as authentic. was spotlighted on Discovery Channel`s  Web guide: Cryptozoology.

The photo above is from the 1967 Patterson video


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  • digger

    For what its worth – a news item about the infamous Current Affair expedition:


  • Doug H

    A Bigfoot expedition team assembled by American tabloid news program A Current Affair discovered “physical evidence” such as hair strands, abnormal sized footprints and an alleged Bigfoot feeding ground.
    Bunk! Bunk I say! Bring me a bag full of Bigfoot’s droppings or shut up!

  • bill green

    hi everyone good evening so has bobbi clarke been interviewed by any radio shows etc this weekend. also any new manitoba sasquatch sightings lately. please keep me posted. bill green

  • Kimosabe

    also any new manitoba sasquatch sightings lately

    May long weekend in Canada here. Heap big drinking in woods. Many sightings likely.

  • bill green

    WOW i see that there is alot updates about the manitoba sasquatch tonight. please keep me posted ok. thanks bill green ct sasquatch researcher

  • digger

    I see this blogsite has petered out. I think I’ll move over to to get the goods, instead of this drivel.



  • Sharness Henry

    just go to “tracking Manitobas bigfoot” more news there than in here!

  • Gdub

    Well, I’ve never seen a blog about something local last 308 posts, even though 100+ were not necessary, such as this one. Perhaps this is the last we’ll hear about bigfoot in Manitoba??? Not that I WANT it to be, but how long can ACA hold ANY story? It would be a different story if the research was committed by adequate professionals, and not some monday-morning, water-cooler exploitation squad, such as ACA. I hope they get to the bottom of the video, if they don’t someone else will have to conduct a re-enactment, or etc. in hopes of validating the video. This feels like ACA is like the government, hiding JFK information. But at least we know there WAS another shooter(s). Hey….could have been biggie…?

  • bill green

    hi researchers good evening so has bobby clarke been interviewed by other news or radio networks also he been interviewed about his footage by other sasquatch organizations etc. bill green please keep me posted.

  • http://bigfoot DMCC

    This video I’ve seen is more than creepier than other footage that has ever been released, maybe you watch to much Simpsons but in order to believe you have to live it come to the true white north and search yourself maybe you’ll find BIGFOOT in your own back yard. Yes there has been many sightings in Northern Manitoba, Just hook up with Dennis Flett he’ll show you where he’s at he will be your guide.


    Storm Cloud

  • gdub

    Is this blog finally dead?

  • Patsy

    So how can we watch this BigFoot video? Please tell us where this can be located?

  • Bill Blake


    Since advanced language skills are supposedly one of the traits that separate humans from animals such as bigfoot, could you please learn the difference between the words its and it’s?



    A little late for the insults, there, Bill. Complaining about how one types is not the way to go about the internet. Did you JUST discover the act of posting in forums, message boards and chat rooms? Don’t worry, they have many books out there for people like you, maybe you should read one of them, considering you’re quite the grammar buff.

    Take care. ITS a crazy world out there. Idiot…..

  • Saz Quatch

    Hi. I am Bigfoot. I wish everyone here would just leave me and Mrs. Foot alone and let us live in our cave. We don’t bother you, except maybe to steal an occasional pudding can from one of your camps. So please let me and my wife and my son Cleetus alone.

    Thanks. Oh, and by the way, the Patterson film is a fake. I’ve seen it. We do not look like that. NO WAY is my butt that big!

  • Psycroptic

    “Hey, Nick. Skeptical Inquirer happens to be one of the best magazines going. – that is of course unless you are a bigfoot/Loch Ness monster/aliens/ghosts…believing moron.”

    LOL, what a retard!!
    If you don’t believe in those thinhs WHY THE F**K WASTE TIME READING ARTICLES DEBUNKING THEM??
    What a total ass;)
    Must be Andy Rooney’s son, living just to bitch and gripe.

  • TJ

    I find it interesting how people are easily deceived. However, being naive is also a bit precocious. I agree we have no scientifically definitive proof. Although, ask yourself this. How many airplanes have went down over the NW United States in the past 50 years? Out of those, how many were not ever found? – Do the research, then ask yourself one more question. If there has been ___ airplanes that have crashed in the mountains of the northwestern United States and were never found, how do you think you could find a bipedal humanoid who lives in the forest. After all, a airplane wont move, hide and certainly would be obvious to the naked eye in trees etc. This is my two cents worth anyway. All I’m saying is too not completely close your mind. Charles Darwin came up with the theory of Decent With Modification and at the time everyone laughed at it. Take a look at the fossil record (takes some time –not just the basics). There’s a approximately 300,000 years with no fossil record then modern day human shows up and with two less chromosomes than prior hominids. Whatever your opinion might be, please do at least some research and then decide for yourself. Until definitive proof is entered into some museum we will never know for sure, or will we?

  • paul garnett

    For people who do not beleive in Saquatch or other phenomena, i have this to say. Christaians have beleived in God without ever seeing him or touching him. they beleive the Bible holds truth. Well read it again!!! The Bible talks quite frequently about starnge phenomena. To beleive that Humans are the only life in the universe is utterly ridicoulous. Sasquatch is real. He has been here for perhaps as long as 30-40 million years. just as we did, he evolved, he has not reached his evolutionary brink. Why is it so hard for people to accept this? do research as I have and you will discover that almost every year new species of plants and animals are coming to attention. Ever go hunting deer with a helicopter and a few dogs? ever see or find an animal by making lots of noise? Nope didn’t think so. Leave an animal carcass in the woods for a few days and then let me know if you find it. Duh stop asking stupid questions and do research stop being afraid of being related to Apes and realize you are!!!!

  • Nate

    you guys suck

  • charlie

    I saw a web site that showed the big foot patterson film frame by frame real clearly. showed his buttcheeks flew while walking. Also showed her knee buckle. If anyone can give me that address again I will be greatful. I was drunk while viewing it and forgot to bookmark.

  • http://Randolph,puplicschoolsMN Brady Thesing

    When i got home to my logde in British Columbiai saw a big hairy freak with broad shoulders, he was about 10ft tall and he smelled me and he ran away.

  • jim

    You people are crazy. Bigfoot got some good pussy.

  • golfstar17

    i think sydney is correct… and he apologized for being rude. there is no possible way for a species to erase all evidence of itself – unless it were super intelligent. and if it is so intelligent, would it not have appraoched US by now?

  • golfstar17

    all you beleivers have too little faith in our god-given instructions to be rulers of this planet

  • Dave

    It wasn’t until 4 or 5 years ago that the “rumors” of wolverines in the washington cascades were proven to be true. Same with the Compi, the Panda, and the mountain gorilla, the best evidence that these animals exist is that they are doing a good job of hiding from us, especially people like sydney

  • Dave

    Hey Bill Green, hope you still check from time from time, sighting in walla walla wa blue creek/blacksnake area called turkey point, not recent but repeated from there to mill creek area. Area is adjacent to walla walla watershed and leads further into back country of the blue mtns.