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How far will Bobby go to promote his latest movie? Well, all the way to Saturday Night Live and using my skidmarks joke, and other poopie humour.

As he says, “so it’s come to this”.

Which reminds me of my favourite Deniro quote (quote about Deniro, not by him). “And I went to his hotel room, and he didn’t want to do an interview at all.”

Wow, he’s flubbed every scene he’s been in. Remind me not to hire this guy.

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  • I understand he is a very shy person,. I saw him once on Leno and he could barely look Leno in the eye. Lots of really good actors are not extroverts.

    He was kind of lousy on the show last night, but there was not one good skit for him to be in. In fact, they were all the same sort of skit.

    And I was surprised that Jimmy Fallon did not do his DeNiro to DeNiro’s face. Or maybe they already did that once.

    The fun moment was seeing surprise guest Harvey Keitel in drag. Those guys have some great history together, going back to “Mean Streets,” 1974.

    I can’t be uppity with him, lousy skits, lousy movie to the contrary notwithstanding. He’s been such a pro, and always interesting, in so many movies over the years. A better track record than Cary Grant or Gary Cooper. He is a great movie actor.

  • I agree Robert Deniro is a great screen actor. However, on SNL, he looked like he really didn’t want to be there, like Lorne Michaels was holding a gun on him off-camera. The only reason he seemed to be on the show was because he had a new not very good movie to market.

    You know who does the best Robert Deniro impersonation is Ron James. He used it on Black Fly (a Canadian sitcom about Canadian history) playing an American gun salesman.