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If Bob Dylan is the very definition of a music legend (and he is), you have to give his fans credit for being pretty legendary themselves.

From the very beginning, Dylan fans have been a breed apart. They scrutinize his lyrics line by line, dig through his garbage to find them, and sign up for fully accredited college courses to understand them. On the Internet, the discussion — and dissection — of Dylan is no less intense, as his devotees pour over every nuance of his life and music on sites like Expecting Rain.

Dylan has always been, and will probably always be, an enigma.

He has created as many audacious flops (Self Portrait, Knocked Out Loaded, and most of his work in the Eighties and Nineties spring immediately to mind) as he has masterpieces like Highway 61 Revisited, Blonde On Blonde, and Blood On The Tracks. He's written American classics like "Blowin' In The Wind," "Like A Rolling Stone," and "Just Like A Woman," as well as gobbledy-gook like "Man Gave Names To All The Animals."

But the one thing Dylan has always done is reinvent himself. The voice of protest for a generation in the Sixties and the born again believer of the Seventies, most recently Dylan has once again stunned the world with a brilliant string of albums including Time Out Of Mind, Love & Theft, and Modern Times.

Above all else, Dylan is arguably America's greatest songwriter and a national treasure.

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