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Bob Dylan to Host Radio Show and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Bob Dylan to host XM radio show The show is set to debut in March of 2006. It will be an hour long weekly program featuring music selected by Dylan as well as his commentary and interviews with special guests. This will be the first radio program Dylan has ever hosted.

MSN teaming up with MCI in computer-to-phone market. Microsoft announced that its MSN would be joining forces with MCI to extend the reach of MSN’s messenger service. The deal will undercut MCI’s current rates, offering users the opportunity to call from their computers for as little as 2.3 cents per minute.

Death Cab for Cutie to tour Europe. Death Cab for Cutie have announced tour dates for 2006 which include a number of dates in Europe. Their tour will kick off in February in Sweden and will include dates in Spain, England, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland among others.

More problems for Sony BMG. Sony BMG has run into problems with MediaMax software it has imbedded in certain CDs. The software allows “guest users” unauthorized access to machines it has been installed on. This comes after Sony BMG’s recent recall of CDs containing XCP copy-protection software.

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