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Bob Dylan Begins Work on New Album

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The NME is reporting Bob Dylan has begun work on a new album.

If the as-yet untitled album is released this year it would be his first album of new music since “Love & Theft” which was released in 2001.

The NME reports sources that say Dylan and several other musicians rented rehearsal space and worked on new material over a four or five day period last week.
In the time since “Love & Theft” was released Dylan has penned the first volume of an autobiography and has contributed songs to several soundtracks. He was also the subject of a documentary film by Martin Scorcese. A seventh volume of Dylan’s bootleg series was also released to coincide with that film.

Dylan’s last two releases (not counting his Oscar-winning contribution to the Wonder Boys soundtrack) have been fantastic records. Time Out of Mind won the Grammy for ‘Album of the Year’ and “Contemporary Folk Album of the Year” while “Love & Theft” took the Grammy for “Contemporary Folk Album of the Year.”

The Grammy Awards have been honoring veteran artists in recent year. Where acts like Santana (and perhaps Paul McCartney this year) have been honored for solid careers and average albums, Dylan’s recent work has been among his very best.

A new Dylan album would be most welcome.
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  • Very good news.

  • I agree, Tan. I have loved what he has been up to lately and am very anxious to hear a new record from him.

  • the great thing is that Dylan doesn’t generally dawdle much in the studio…he gets right to the point.

    so hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long.

  • Saleski, that is exactly what that NME story was suggesting. These sources say Dylan went in with this band and did some non-stop rehearsal sessions and worked on a lot of stuff. I think “Love & Theft” was recorded pretty quickly. He works with crack musicians. When he’s got the songs ready he can get it done quick (plus, he quit working with Lanois).

  • I’m always up for something new from Dylan, so this is good news. Every new Dylan disc is unpredictable — it could suck, it could be extraordinary. Given his last few years, I’m banking on the latter.

    But what I really, really, really yearn for is some new, official, thoroughly complete multi-disc set of The Basement Tapes. I hope that’s next in the Bootleg series.

  • Clubhouse Cancer

    Rodney, the 4-disk collection called “A Tree With Roots” is better than anything Columbia would come up with. And the photos that come with it are priceless and to my knowledge available nowhere elee. It’s totally worth the 50 bucks or so.

    Actually, “I’m Not There” alone is worth the 50 bucks.

  • Hey! I got the music spotlight treatment! Outstanding.

    CC, I haven’t heard that Dylan collection. I am gathering it is a bootleg?

  • teutates

    DJ…is it! These day’s a professional title isn’t it?

  • Formerly professional title. I’m sort of ‘retired’ from the professional end of things but the moniker was chosen when it made more sense.

  • The Ibis Complex!

    Like to know some insider stuff from the new album? Can’t too much but watchout for ‘Moonshine Rust’ — it’s about death and looking back at an incredible career. It’s as if he’s saying goodbye (???!!!) but it’s kinda hard to tell. The chorus goes:

    Well, drinking that godamn moonshine at dusk
    That gdamn moonshine is turning my soul to rust,
    Well, drinking that godamn moonshine at dusk
    I can feel those ashes turn to dust

    more session news asap…