Bob Drudge

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You all know who Matt Drudge is. He’s the cyber-journalist who broke the Monica scandal, and his site gets millions of hits each day. I visit his site daily.

But did you know his dad has a site, too?

Here it is.

It’s actually a great site. One of the most useful on the Web, if one is looking for information.

After all, it’s called the “Information Super-Highway” right?

Now that you know this, did you also know that his dad begs for money?

Here’s the link.

You’d think that Drudge The Younger, a major media celebrity, would throw Drudge The Elder a few bucks, in order to spare him the indignity of having to grovel for dollars. But you’d be wrong…

Any thoughts on this?

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  • name

    If Hugh Hewitt can have a ‘tip jar’ on the blog that he uses to promote his radio show that he uses to promote his book that he uses to promote his TV appearances, I’ll give Drudge’s dad a pass. Big-time.

  • How about Drudge is a shit who gets “predictions” and scoops wrong about 90 percent of the time and of the one’s he gets right about 99,9 percent of that is from other media but no one seems to really notice that.

    His radio show is fairly interesting, however.

    Glad to oblige.

  • RJ

    Okay, okay, I was wrong.

    Actually, what I really REALLY trolling for was an anti-Drudge backlash. But I didn’t get one.

    Which actually says something quite positive about ya’ll, IMHO…

  • We ask for money too, considering we rely on sponsors to support this site.

  • It is one of my favorite resources as well. But I disagree that it his son throwing in the necessary funds would spare his pop indignity in every case. With some of us guys, it would be more of an indignity to get a free ride from a relative than have those who use the services I offer throw in a few. That’s just me though and who knows about poppa Drudge, still, you never know 😉

  • Plenty of sites are supported by user donations.

    What’s wrong with that?

    RefDesk gets a ton of traffic, and is running a few low-key embedded ads. If he handled his advertising more aggressively/intelligently, he’d probably have more cash than he knows what to do with… but he prefers a different support model, apparently. Fair enough.

  • I don’t either – and he self-contorted with a long survey with posted stats and follow up, etc. before he started to solicit/advertise (which I think was fairly recent). Once you get to know his site – which is a pain at first – the scope of stuff at a klik is very convenient. He keeps his son’s link buried somewhere to the middle/lower right – lol!

  • yclipse

    I don’t see this as “begging” or “groveling” at all. Bob provides a service, at no charge, and asks for voluntary donations to keep it afloat. His goal for this year is $50,000, which is a reasonably limited figure in my view.

  • Everybody hawks everything nowadays (hats, tee-shirts, assorted crap) so why is asking for donations any different? There’s very little shame in politics, media, or culture in general these days…

    Makes me think The Loss of Shame in American Life could be the kind of non-fiction book title that a decent query letter could yield an advance on. I come up with about one idea like this a week — though I have no desire to actually write the thing.

  • RJ

    Fair enough.

    But MD doesn’t beg like this. Yes, he runs a few ads. But there is no “telethon” BS…

  • Maybe he doesn’t like having his son take care of him? He doesn’t like obtrusive advertising so the readers cough it up. His site get about a million hits a day, so it’s not like he’s hurting for said readers.