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Bo Says No to Saddam

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Bo Diddley still rockin his ass off to the “Bo Diddley beat” at 74 years young, has a new song out right here called “We Ain’t Scared of You”:

    “I, Ellas McDaniel aka BO DIDDLEY, throughout the world…would like to share these thoughts with All of You………that Someone is trying to Destroy Our Rose Garden. Here in America…….WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES! Because…There is a FUNGUS AMONG US!!!”

    “Keep Rockin’ and Rollin’ …..but keep it CLEAN!!”

“We are Americans and we ain’t scared of nothing
We are Americans and we ain’t scared of you!!”

Bo suggests this time we are going to do it right, “bringing a shovel to dig Saddam out of the sand.”

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  • san

    Ha! Directly pointed at Al Barger: though I don’t necessarily agree with all the sentiments in the song, the hallowed Bo has written a pro-war song that holds up as a musical work. Unlike Clint Black. No hi-tech GI Joes here. Bo’s song almost roused me up a little bit. Not quite, but almost.

    Downside: Bo is selling it instead of giving it away.

  • Eric Olsen

    He’s selling it, but it’s also free.

  • san

    Where? I all I saw was the Real Audio clip. I’d love to have an mp3 of it for the collection, if it’s a legit mp3.

  • Eric Olsen

    Okay, you can HEAR it free but you can’t KEEP it free.

  • san

    Yeah, too bad. Though I may buy it for historical significance. And the fact that it sounds nice.

  • David Blakey

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    In conjunction with his new website, Bo Diddley is currently also shaping up to release CDs of both brand new recordings as well as a series of exciting limited edition collectors’ CDs of previously unreleased archive material recorded in his various home studios during the past 40 years. Right now, visitors to his website can shop online at Bo Diddley’s Online Store powered by and purchase a range of cool-looking and exclusive limited edition items including T-shirts, sweatshirts, BBQ aprons and “Road Runner” vehicle license plate frames.

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  • Phillip Winn

    Ugh. What does everybody think of comment #6? Should we keep such blatant promotional comments around, or wipe them clean? Since it on-topic, I’m inclined to say “Leave it,” but I’m afraid it might get out of hand. Any other thoughts?