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Bo Bice Returns

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Injury, life-threatening illness, BO BICE rocks on!

Amidst controversy, Bo Bice omits his new song from the benefit concert last night in Syracuse, NY.

Bo Bice had been saying on reports from MTV and VH-1 that he had written a song about the situation in New Orleans and planned to perform that song during the concert. He did not. Speculation exists but no statements have been issued about the decision. One reason could be attributed to the American Idol executives just saying “NO”.

Bice was asked by A.O.L. Celebrity about writing the song inspired by the hurricane:

I’m a CNN junkie. I wrote a song about it and I’m going to sing it Sunday. It’s called “We Can’t Change This World.” I’m talking about we can’t change this world if we can’t change our minds. The first step is realizing there is a problem. The problem doesn’t have to be something that we’re going to solve (right away), but to sit around and say it’s never going to be solved – man, if we quit trying, we’d be worthless.

It may have been Bo Bice’s call; in the wake of the press coverage of Kanye West, and his bone-headed proclamations made during a fund-raiser, (that wound up with pledgers calling back to retract their donations) he may have decided that the venue was not the time or place. Wise man Biceman!

Concert attendance was lower than anticipated for the benefit. Only about half of the venue was filled although it had been billed as a sold-out show. Of course, the previous evening, the A.I. 4 group had given their last performance, tickets to the A.I. events are pricey. But it is possible the press coverage provided Bice proceeding the show may have had some effect.

Bo Bice fan-sites were blazing with threads concerned about the content of the song. The potential that Bo Bice might have negative comments expressed towards President Bush and rescue efforts in New Orleans were being met with concern Bice might pull a ‘Kanye West’. Many fans seemed poised to toss their dirty socks at him. Not good.

Bice’s professional career has been just picking up steam and momentum. He has been developing a large dedicated fan base, but it is premature for him to utilize the celebrity he has developed so far to air political views. As one fan put it, “Bo Bice has not even cut and released his first CD yet; now is not the time for him to be making negative comments against Bush or the current rescue & clean-up efforts being made in the wake of Katrina.”

The lyrics of the song have not been made public so speculations could be made all day as to their content. The interview with MTV, seems to be the main match that ignited the fire-storm of debate. It was slanted in such a way it gave rise to interpretations that this song contained political and racial material. We won’t know for sure until Bice cuts the CD, even then, modifications may be made to tone the message, if indeed controversial.

Bice is planning to release the new song as a single with his band, Sugar Money to benefit Katrina victims.

Proceeds will go to the American Red Cross.

Saturday night, the last A.I. 4 performance was enthusiastically received, especially when Bo Bice made his “surprise” appearance. As quoted in ‘The Post-Standard’, newspaper for the Syracuse area,
“But in the worst-kept secret of the night – Savol and Turner both told the crowd that their missing friend was in the house – Bice walked slowly from the wings with the help of a cane. He quickly tossed the cane, kicked off his flip-flops and delivered a dynamic performance of the rock song “Vehicle,” the 1970 hit by the Ides of March.
Bice oozed every bit of the rock star charisma that made loads of folks scream he was robbed when Underwood beat him to earn the Idol title.”

Prior to the Sunday night benefit concert, (9/11) The Biceman must have made a striking figure as he limped with the assistance of his cane toward the shocked group lined up out front to purchase tickets. He handed out about 100 tickets purchased with his own funds.

“Let’s all just band together,” he told those looking stunned at Bice’s unscheduled public appearance. “Y’all please, please, please put the word out,” as reported by The Post-Standard.

“I told my fans the best thing they can do is help the Red Cross. I moved from Birmingham to Nashville, and living in my house in Helena (Alabama) right now is a family from Grand Isles (on the coast of Louisiana). These people had to uproot their lives because of the hurricane. My wife’s dad is doing the same thing with helping people out and bringing them into their home. It’s not about money, it’s about what you can do.”

He is also working on getting the family situated, get the kids in school and do what he can to help the parents get needed jobs. He adds:

“I’m not a rich man, but I’m rich with what God has given me – great family and great friends. If I can be a mouthpiece to motivate people, that’s the smallest thing I can do. But I was put on this earth to do more than sing songs. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. The first chance I get I’m going down there.”

The Sunday benefit concert raised $280,000.00 for the Gulf-Cost Relief effort.

I say good call Biceman in not performing your song; what you said is true, we need to band together. The Kanye Wests are about division and conflict, that is not your ‘scene’! We’ll have to wait and see how this new song plays out…

Tread carefully, Biceman; rock on.

Much Love.

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  • Bo Bice is certainly showing the rest of the world what many of us in Alabama have known for a long time; he rocks and he rolls and he writes and he has something to say. And people stop to listen. This release, Papion, by Bo Bice and Sugarmoney is absolutely fantastic! This is a song that one can play over and over and over. It has many meanings and I have grown to love it over the many times I’ve listened to it. In fact, I’ve worn my Sugarmoney CD out. It’s about time Bo and Sugarmoney released this. This is a no-brainer purchase. Buy one for yourself, one for your car and one for your friends. And thanks John, for the intro. And thanks Bo, for all the wonderful music and memories you are making for us and bringing back to those of us who appreciate the good music….because music matters…Rock on!


  • Bo Bice’s courage and dignity sure is something …

    something for ME TO POOP ON!

    That is all.

  • Cathy Wolf

    Don’t pre-judge what you haven’t heard.The interview with Bo about his upcoming release sounded a bit slanted to me and I am a Bush supporter. Most of his fans feel that he just wants people to get together and help those in need. If I’m wrong, you know what, that is his opinion and he is entitled to it….he would never put himself in the same class as Kanye West. He is a god-driven man that believes in doing what is right for all mankind….so hold your criticism until you hear the final “product”.

  • tina

    Thank you. Bo is all about giving. He is a wonderful person who helps people in need. He gave a family of five who lost everything during Katrina his old home(he has moved to Nahsville). He even helped them furnish it and helped their kids get into school. Bo is not about hate, he all about love. I am very proud of him. He has a beautiful soul.

  • Dear Cathy, man I LOVE Bo! Check out my blogsite. I am not condemning him, but sending a message; there are many ways celebrities communicate regarding world events.

    I LOVE how he bought tickets out of his own pocket to hand out; went out to the gates and PERSONALLY handed them out.

    Fan-sites were going crazy about the new song all weekend…lots of folks in doubt. I’m just getting the word out he made the wise choice.

    Much love.

  • Bobba, at least you’re paper-trained.

  • Duane

    Wow. Her voice is really deep. What’s the deal? She looks a lot like a chick I dated in high school. Except for the weird abnormal chin thing that Bo has going on. I think Bo Derek is better looking. But I commend Bo Bryce for not giving in to the temptations of plastic surgery. She has real courage. You go Bo!

  • Duane! I had to pull the Bo-Card to get you out! sHe is lovely. mmm-mmm. Love those pipes.

  • Kay

    In my opinion this was a slanted article which implied something Bo never said. Quote “The lyrics of the song have not been made public so speculations could be made all day as to their content. The interview with MTV, seems to be the main match that ignited the fire-storm of debate. It was slanted in such a way it gave rise to interpretations that this song contained political and racial material” Unless they could quote him directly as linking himself with ‘Kanye West’ the author of the article was only using Bo to get out their own opinion or for senstaitonalism. Shame on them!

  • Geez, I wish the man could speak his mind. Freedom of expression, right? Guess not. What? You won’t like his music anymore of he has political views different than yours? (And you don’t know what his political views are – he may be a Bushite… only Bo knows).

    Not at all surprised to see Bo taking an active part in doing good for folks affected by Katrina; even if he is a right-winger, he is a genuinely compassionate human. And I couldn’t be happier to hear that he is up and around and performing again. SO looking forward to the LP release.

  • Kay

    This entire article was irresponsibly written in that a lot of it was based on speculation. Not facts. The bottom line is that no one HAS EVEN HEARD THE SONG YET! Yes, that includes the fans “blazing the net with concern” and the writer of this very article. Everybody is getting up in arms about something they have never even heard.

    The author wrote:

    “The POTENTIAL that Bo Bice MIGHT have negative comments expressed towards President Bush and rescue efforts in New Orleans were being met with concern Bice MIGHT pull a ‘Kanye West’.”

    The FACT is he did NOT make any such comments.He never said ANYTHING about the President.So why write an article like this to fuel the fire, further slandering Bo Bice? Anyone comparing him to Kanye West or insinuating that the low ticket sales MIGHT have been a result of Bo’s comments is being totally unfair to this man.This was a concert that was announced at the last minute and it did not get a lot of publicity.

    I believe the comments that Bo DID make were taken out of context and blown all out of proportion.Do you want to ruin Bo’s career before it has even begun? If you call yourself a real reporter, be responsble about it..

  • Kay, there is no malice in this article, it is a piece relevant to the day and times we are in…I have posted this concern all over “Bice-land” over the past several days. I thought the article in question, MTV to be very slanted as well.

    You are getting very overwrought it seems over the fact I have mentioned it. Freedom of speech is mine as well.

    IF you were applying rationality you would see this article in no way slanders Bo Bice or condemns him. I am calling it as I see it. I love the guy’s music, but emotions can be tricky little basta**ds and get folks in a lot of trouble if you’re not wise. I do have concerns with his emotional nature that he was getting upset by news/media and possibly caught up. I worked the fan-sites over the weekend about it. I think he pays attention to what is being said, he is not a stupid man, just emotional which makes him so compelling as an artist.

    Kay, there is nothing I could do or say to influence The Biceman’s career, but mainly I want to see him soar.

    And Natalie, for heaven’s sake what on earth are you talking about? I don’t care if a man speaks his mind, but just like I’d do with my own man, if he was maybe gonna make an a** of himself, I’d flat out tell him, nothing to do with politics.

    Be real; Much Love.

  • Kay

    I am sorry, but I am protective of Bo.I am a fan of his and will stand by him. I feel he is getting a raw deal over this.I’m not saying your article was written out of malice. I am saying that it was irresponsible. Case in point:

    “Bo Bice has not even cut and released his first CD yet; now is not the time for him to be making negative comments against Bush or the current rescue & clean-up efforts being made in the wake of Katrina.”

    Bo never even made any negative comments against the President to the press.So why even use a quote like that in your article? Especially if you can’t even quote Bo Bice saying such things?

    The problem with articles like this is that when some people read them, they will be quick to jump to conclusions about Bo without even giving him the benefit of the doubt. So why contribute to more ignorance about him? Especially when you claim to be a fan of his?

  • Oh, so now he’s an AOL junkie?

    I guess it’s better than coke and pot 🙂

    That is all.

  • Kay

    It’s “CNN junkie” jackass…nice try at being a comedian though. 😉

  • Damn it. Whatever, I blew the set-up, but the punchline was still good 🙂

    That is all.

  • Bobba, at least you read the material, (but please, reserve your poop for the Sunday comics) unlike the emotional responses accusing me for irresponsibility in the name of my BICEMAN!! *cring*

    Kay, I will reiterate; I am exercising my freedom of speech and at the same time working to hopefully protect the Biceman.

    I will add that he does listen to certain site’s information, as would I were I him.

  • Bobba, Kay will rip you another… Stick to the paper.

    Rock on Biceman!!!





  • lindsey baranca

    I bit Bryan’s nose but I STILL LOVE BO!

  • Bobba, can’t take you anywhere. “It was the idiot that said poop on him….” Man, you got lots of folks pretty steamed with your bragging about being paper-trained (i.e. like with puppies). Site members all reading this apparently and you ain’t gettin’ Much Love.

    We take Bo Bice very seriously in some circles, tread carefully B.A.B.-man.

  • MommaP

    I’m rather surprised at this article. The writer is PRESUMING that there were negative statements about Bush in the song. Personally, I kind of doubt that….’cos Bo is far more about stressing and supporting the positive, rather than taking aim at the negative. (And his bro’s in the marines, so he has that to consider too.) So….I think they’re short-changing Bo on this: he knows full well he has to nurture his career and his fans, but at the same time he has integrity and wants to try and help put right the injustices that the whole world is now aware of in the inequality of wealth in parts of the US (which many overseas had no idea of before). Where are the fans willing to throw dirty socks at Bo? They can’t be true fans. This article may stir up more controversy than was there before, even though the writer is obviously a fan.

  • Ms. Richardson, your article clearly states your opinion that Bo Bice should stifle his PRESUMED statement if it in any way contradicts the right-wing view. Indeed, you are entitled to state your opinion. I merely exercised mine.

    NR Davis

  • Kay

    “We take Bo Bice very seriously in some circles”

    Damn right we do because we love Bo and we’re not going to take him being disrespected.

  • Jewels

    Ms. Davis, you are the one presuming. I am stating it like I have found it; the MTV article, if you read it, from the comments made by the reporter who talked to Bo created an impression about his song and it’s subject matter. I merely comment on it. You should not let your political leanings enter into everything Ms. Davis. Quoting a fan-site comment I read; “IF you had a friend whose dress was unzipped and her underwear was showing, would you not tell her (so as not to embarass her and hurt her feelings) or would you tell her?” Her point on the thread was that bringing up both sides to Bo is good for him, providing a balanced perspective. Just slamming the nay-sayers and shaking my keyboard strokes at them does Bo Bice no benefit. It is a disservice to a man I admire.

    Mommap: I am not PRESUMING, I read comments such as ‘the dirty socks’ statement; get on line in some of the chat rooms (not just off one or two sites madam) read and research the fan-site threads as well. There were a lot of negative comments made about Bo which folks made with their own little keyboard strokes about the possibility he was taking a stand against Bush and that he may agree with the Kanyes of the moment, that this disaster has racial undertones. MANY commented if he did this, they were done with him, also I read comments to the effect “…this is strike one against him…” following their interpretations on articles they read.

    I do not feel that way, only reporting what I read, ma’am. If you read my article, and reading comprehension is a skill; I point out his generousity; buying tickets, handing them out personally; positive things. HIs wanting to raise money for the victims of Katrina, his motivation is good, his heart in the right place, but maybe reflection needs to be made… The negative, side written to show topics I read and researched into prior to writing. I am just trying to being fair and balanced.

    I’ll say this again, if my man was about to do or say something that could unnecessarily hurt him in any way, I wouldn’t keep my mouth shut for fear of ‘hurting his feelings’, I’d work on steering him in the right direction. Blindly allowing someone to do whatever, thinking that you are showing love and are nurturing them is ridiculous and not love.

    As one of my favorite writers on this site ends with on all posts.

    That is all.

    Much Love.

  • Ann

    I’m a resident of Helena, Al (a.k.a. “Bolena”)lol. Bo sold me guitar strings in December and advised me on gift ideas for my son when he still worked at the Guitar shop. He was so nice and helpful. If I had only known then what I know now I would have an autograph.. Anyway, I worked at the Civic Center for the IDOL concert just to meet him again. He was just as friendly and nice as he was at the Gutar shop. He is truly beloved by his old home town. Remember what he says, “It’s All Good”… He means what he said. He loves people and he will never change. I’m sure Bo’s compassion for the good and right things for all will never change. He’s been down and now he’s blessed… He is not going to sit around if he feels he can make a difference. He said he is not a rich man but he is abundantly rich in friends and family. If he believes in something, he will not sit idle. He took his house off the market and has opened up to a family in need. He has written a song to speak his mind. What in the heck is wrong with doing something instead of running off at the mouth…??? Bo has integrity and he still Rocks! What you see is what you get… If that is offensive then go to another website. Bo is going to be Bo… like it or not… love you Bo Bice!!!

  • Brenda

    There is an obvious and simple enough explanation as to why the ticket sales were down… Last minute concert … and no one expected Bo to be there. Many Bo Bice fans just couldn’t bring themselves to attend the concert they bought tickets for during the tour, because it just wouldn’t be the same… even though we all knew that Bo would have wanted us to attend and support his fellow idols and friends. I certainly wouldn’t have bought an additional ticket to a concert that I didn’t expect Bo to attend. If everyone had known that Bo would be making an appearance, then the concert would have sold out in about 15 minutes!

  • Brenda

    Hey Bo fans! Remember during the entire season of American Idol Bo stood on the stage, looked Simon in the eye, and took his criticism saying, “It’s all good!” I think what Bo was trying to say is that Simon and everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if he doesn’t agree with it. Also it keeps the argument from growing and growing until it becomes a full blown controversy. Let’s just respond to Boobbb and other, “It’s all good”, and let them sign off. Thanks!

  • mj


  • Natalie McCaan

    I think Bo Bice is “right on”! I’m sure the lyrics of the song he wrote, which was pulled from the line-up, brought spotlight to some very serious problem in our nation.

    Some people need to take their blinders off to see things. In the wake of events over the past few years, only the free-thinking sheeps, who don’t blindly follow a leader or heard, have full clarity and perspective, despite the Washington propoganda machine.

    How is it we (U.S.) had the financial resources to stage this illegitimate and illegal war against the oil-rich country of Iraq, meanwhile we have so poverty-stricken Americans in our country? (And, by the way, would carelessly leave these poor Americans marooned in a catosrophe post-Hurricane, to starve and dehydrate to death, rather them help them timely).

    The truth can be so ugly, that some people may choose not to see it. Only those blinder-free who can see and aknoweldge it, and can be the one’s to help to change it. (Social change and progress sometimes needs a jumpstart in the blinder-removal of some of the sheepies.)

    Bo, as with all celebrities, is in a unique position as he has been granted a mouthpiece on ANY subject matter. However, he, unlike some celebrities, is in a very, very unique position, as he has an extremely dedicated fan-base on both sides of a currently divided and charged political landscape.

    He appeals to us left-leaners, who surely share views on the world. But he also appeals to natives of his home-area of the deep-south, who generally, as election results of 2004 proved ardent Bushie right-wings.

    Interesting for Bo’s career, by using his “mouthpiece” and sharing his thoughts and views in a song ….

    ….if he takes a step to the left, he earns deep respect and praise from his fans (and perhaps, gain some new ones) who share his views. A step to the right, and while he may help raise the consciousness of his fans of the oppose risks losing the other side of his fan-base who don’t share the views.

    So it is completely understandable why he didn’t sing the song, and I’m sure AI got fearful and had a lot to do with putting the brakes on it in their venue. But I’d like to think Bo’s fans, even those who don’t share all his views, would be loyal no matter what. Maybe those lyrics would even help bring light into dark, creating free-thinking from blindlessly sheep-following. Only then will the much-needed social change and progression happen.

    Signed, A dedicated fan of Bo Bice.

  • I know that Bo Bice is a wonderful man. He is true to himself in every way. I am so very proud of Bo and Sugar$. They are living their dream.
    Millions of loving fans stand by them with all of their hearts. I am proud to be a “Bo-Peep”.
    Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!