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Bo Bice on Mad TV? Imitation, the Sincerest Form of Flattery

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Bo Bice on Mad TV?

My daughter, Daphne, 7 years old, was mighty upset this past Saturday night. She had seen it advertised that Bo Bice was going to be on Mad TV April 15th. I tried to tell her that he really wasn’t, but well, what do I know? Normally I don’t let her watch this show — overall the content not appropriate for her age, too risqué — but to prove a point, I was willing to let her see at least parts of this episode.

The show opened with a parody of “Bo Bice” singing songs from his “new” CD, Bo, Bice, and Blue. Daphne sat watching for a moment with a look of puzzlement on her face, then she exclaimed, “Momma, that guy so wants to be Bo Bice but he just can’t sing!” She added, “Bo will pop out in just a minute and will be all laughing about this other guy trying to be like him. Bo is so funny, he is probably in the back laughing too hard to come out!”

I sat quietly working on an article. The skit was over and no real Bo appeared. Ike Barinholtz did a great job ‘doing Bice.’ He wore a fringed jacket, swung his long brown wig around, and worked a mic stand. I attempted to explain that this was like a joke to tease Bo, but in a good way, and was a compliment. I pointed Ike out when he appeared in other skits, but she was having none of that.

She struggled so hard to stay awake, it was cute, yet sad; her head did that sort of jerk that happens when you’re falling a sleep sitting up. I finally encouraged her to lie down on the sofa, and predictably she went out like a light. Taking her to bed later, she sleepily asked me, “What happened to Bo and why wouldn’t those people on the show let him come out?” (Mean people.) You see, I still know nothing about anything.

It must have been the Night of the American Idol Doppelgangers because Saturday Night Live offered their challenge to vie for ratings. During a ‘news/interview’ segment, SNL featured Taylor Hicks, or rather, their version of Hicks. This is a huge publicity boost for Hicks, with Idol still many weeks out from its conclusion. I can’t see anything but upside from this exposure for the silver-haired, harmonica toting soulman.

Bo Bice, ‘graduated’ from A.I. 4 and is working to become a star in today’s music industry with a loyal, dedicated fan base. He should be pleased with this parody: the fact the skit would even be considered, especially opening the show, speaks loud and clear regarding Bo’s increasing popularity — plus the writers and the cast are obvious fans. It was all good fun, and with his sense of humor, I’m sure he liked it.

Not all publicity and news stories need to be hardlined serious, fawning or ladling on the flattery. As long as ‘they’re’ talking, it’s all good; much better than being ignored.

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