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Blu-Ray Says No Way to Porn; HD-DVD Becomes Sloppy Seconds

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In what appears to be a repeat of the VHS vs. Betamax story, Sony may have lost the format wars once again. Adult studio Digital Playground has switched allegiances, confirming that from now on, they’ll be publishing their movies in HD-DVD format.

According to There Joone, Digital Playground’s founder, and adult movie director, last year he had an agreement with Sony to start publishing his movies on Blu-Ray. However, the tech giant seemed to have a change of heart. The U.S. Blu-Ray Disc copying facilities refused to work with him. In fact, according to Joone, the companies explained that Sony had threatened to revoke their Blu-Ray licenses should they publish adult content in Blu-Ray format.

Playstation 3 and other Blu-ray player owners will now suffer at not being able to watch women suckling each other’s exposed, artificial mammaries in vivid 1080p resolution on a 50-inch screen. Meanwhile, lucky HD-DVD player owners (including those with the add-on for XBOX 360) rejoice as Digital Playground announces the release of a slew of movies for February. Yep, next month they’ll be able to get their hands on Island Fever 3, Pirates, Teen America and Island Fever 4. And that’s not all. The company plans to release at least 4 HD-DVD titles per month. Mark your calendars, boys. Fill out those online pre-order forms. You have a fun year ahead of you!

I expected that the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray format war will be won with what’s in people’s pants, but I was thinking wallets, not their loins. To be honest though, I don’t know if the porn industry will have as big an impact in the format wars this time around. Sure, it may have been one of the deciding factors that helped push the video industry away from Betamax and towards VHS in the early 80s, but that was then and this is now. After all, we now have this little thing called “The Internet” that allows guys to get any type of pornographic material any time, anywhere- sometimes even for free! Go figure. If he has a big enough, clear computer monitor and some good speakers, I don’t see why a guy would even need a DVD player, let alone anything next-gen.

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  • Diane Kristine

    Reminds me of a Scrubs episode when Dr. Cox went on one of his rants: “I’m fairly sure that if they took porn off the internet there would only be one website left and it would be called ‘Bring back the porn’.”

    Seems like a bad move for Sony even in these days – even off the internet, porn is a huge industry. Not that I’d know from personal experience, of course.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    *LOL*…Nice one Diane.

    Sony is always dropping the ball on something. They cut corners to focus on the PS3 and they are having huge issues with those blu-ray drives.They lost their footing in the LCD & Plasma arena.They never released a solid Mp3 player that could contend with Apple,Creative or Samsung.They didn’t have any real success with SACD,though, I think that was more of a consumer decision(people are hooked on Mp3).

    Ultimately, If you’re not a gaming fan they really don’t blip on the radar for electronics anymore.(not like they used to).

  • Here’s an update: Blu-ray seems to have become less uptight, and announced a partnership with adult film studio Vivid.

  • I actually heard that the US porn industry when with HD-DVD format while the Japanese pron producers are going to use Blu-ray.

  • So I guess they’re going to say “No Way” to millions to dollars . . . That’s a smart business decision! I mean adult entertainment is getting pretty mainstream.

  • I am glad that HD DVD is going to be the wave of the future for porn and I can not wait to get ym hands on a couple of these new discs.

  • Martin M

    The big problem for the porn industry is that all old movies are made in VHS quality and cannot be cinverted into FULL HD quality. Means, only new movies can be offered as HD DVD.

    The film industry has lots of movies on 36mm film which can easily be published on HD DVD by simply re-digitizing it. Thus, the non-porn industry can publish many more new HD DVDs compared with the porn industry in the new few months& years

  • the first (and maybe final) battle will be won on the net. And Microsoft will likely win it with it’s WMV-HD technology. With WMV-HD, you can watch HD even if you don’t have an HDTV… as soon as now.
    The porn industry will impose the standard, and as the codec is also used to distribute High Definition videos on standard DVDs, people will play back their clips on compatible DVD players (either blu-ray or HD-DVD players).
    Of course, at this time there are only a few porn sites proposing wmv-hd but things change quickly nowadays. I already found free HD clips to download. There’s an amazing clip – if you’re not afraid of extreme close ups – on this site. if you like porn stuff you will see by yourself whose going to win this battle…

  • Vivid has begun releasing all adult DVD titles simultaneously on Blu-ray. That means about 1 titel per week. Press release

    And at Adult blu ray store there are already 96 Adult blu rays on sale but only one gay blu ray