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Blu-ray Review: ‘Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year’

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If you’re a fan of Pooh and the gang, you’ll love Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year. This movie is set in the days before Christmas up through New Year’s eve. At first, Christopher Robin helps the gang write a letter to Santa telling them what they each want him to bring them and they send it off on the wind to the North Pole.

When Pooh realizes he never asked for anything, he sets out to find the letter so he can add his wish but he needs help writing his item and that’s when things take a turn for the worse. Pooh, wanting to thank each of the them, decides to ask for more but first he needs a pencil and seeks out Rabbit. The list gets a little out of control but the gang “mails” it to Santa. It returns to them when Pooh sends it the wrong direction in the wind, and the gang is left with no option but to have someone walk it all the way to Santa. Pooh volunteers since he’s the reason the list is late. The gang learns a valuable lesson about presents and the value of friendship when Pooh might miss Christmas.
Winnie The Pooh A Very Merry Pooh YearAfter Christmas comes and goes, the friends  learn about a “new” thing and how to celebrate the new year by making resolutions to do better in the coming year. Rabbit has one of his meltdowns because the gang is mistreating his lone carrot. Rabbit packs up to leave the Hundred Acre Wood, and sets out only to stumble across each of his friends but they aren’t quite themselves. Unbeknownst to Rabbit, his friends made an odd New Year’s resolution: to alter their personalities: lose one trait but take on a new one! Tigger stops bouncing, and Piglet stops being scared, while Tigger becomes scared and Piglet starts bouncing. Pooh and Eeyore also change traits with Eeyore being the happy, honey-eating guy and Pooh gets so sad that he can’t eat honey. Rabbit must figure out all this nonsense to get things back to normal, learning a lesson accepting your friends for who they are. Disney is offering a special coupon for the purchase of the movie on its site.

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