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Blu-ray Review: The Truman Show

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One of my favorite films of the last decade has finally been released on Blu-ray, and it looks great in high-def. 

Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) lives in the idyllic world of Sea Haven where it seems things are a little too perfected, almost scripted. He is the subject of the ultimate reality show. Since he was a baby Truman has been raised on live, uncut, 24-hour-a-day television. An entire set has been constructed for him. Actors play his best friend, his wife, and everyone else in town. Thousands of cameras catch Truman’s every movement. His entire life has been scripted. Girlfriends, parents, even his marriage. All created for television ratings.

Christof (Ed Harris) is the mad genius behind the show. Harris plays Christof extremely well, like a starving artist who only cares about his work. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that he’s playing with human life. He’s playing God. Or maybe he does realize that and that’s what he likes so much.

The Truman Show was really a prophetic film. As we can see where reality TV is headed now, it is not too hard to imagine someone trying to do their own type of Truman Show. Today people let strangers look in on their lives through webcams. The internet has made it so anyone can be seen by everyone.

The Quality

The HD transfer pops off the screen. The colors, which are plentiful and bright, leap off the screen. The greens are especially brilliant. The HD does make everything in the show look a little surreal, but that’s the point as Truman is living in a manufactured world. And since he hasn’t experienced anything but the look of Sea Haven it is perfect for him, and perfect for the viewing audience at home.

There’s not much to the 5.1 HD audio on this disc, but The Truman Show isn’t known for a soundtrack that needs much in the way of really crisp and clear audio. The dialogue is clear and that’s all that is needed.

The Extras
Not many special features are found on the disc. The one of note is the making-of feature, but that is rather standard fare with interviews from the cast and crew. No really special information is given, but it is a standard making-of feature for those who can’t get enough of that sort of thing.

Ending Thoughts
The crisp clear video quality is the reason to buy this film on Blu-ray, nothing else. This film is full of color and Blu-ray brings it out in the best way. It’s like being immersed in a painting. The film looks beautiful.

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