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Blu-ray Review: Step Up 3

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I love dancing, although I’ll be the first to admit that I have two left feet on the dance floor. That is why I admire movies such as the Step Up series. I realize they probably will not win any major awards anytime, but in a way that is not the point. The point is to sow some fabulous moves that simply blow your mind, and in that way the newest installment Step Up 3 delivers.

The Movie

Moose (Adam G. Sevani) and his longtime friend Camille (Alyson Stoner) are new college students attending their first day of orientation. Moose is there to study engineering, but his heart belongs to dance, and it doesn’t take long before he is thrust into his first dance battle with the much feared and respected Samurai. Moose wins, but has to run from security after letting some vendors balloons free without paying. He is saved by Luke (Rick Malambri), leader of his own crew, the Pirates, and believes Moose is just what they need to win an upcoming dance battle, as well as the prize money to save their house.

Luke is also intrigued by the mysterious Natalie (Sharni Vinson,) a new member who tries to convince Luke to follow his own dreams as well. But he is so focused on helping others that he puts his own needs last. Moose, on the other hand, is having a tough time balancing dance and school, and even his friendship with Camille begins to suffer.

How will it all end? Well, anyone who knows movies can probably predict that part, but the point is to see some fabulous dancing, with which Step Up 3 is jam packed. Director John M. Chu pumps so much energy into these sequences that the end result is infectious. You practically want to jump up and dance with everyone on screen.

The acting, on the other hand, ranges from charming (Sevani and Stoner make an especially adorable pair) to wooden, but once the music starts, everyone comes alive. There are so many styles that it is hard to pick a standout, as everyone on the screen impresses.

The only part that confused me was that the movie took the time to paint Luke as a saint who deeply cares for others, yet he seems to not care that Moose has other responsibilities and pushes him to skip them. Outside of that, the movie provides a terrific energy that is hard to resist. 

The Picture

Colors fly fast and furious in Step Up 3, and they come out looking crisp and clean on the Blu-ray. Even dark scenes in the club blend their colors well, without looking washed out. This is especially important during the dance scenes, where every move is captured well.

The Sound

The sound, recorded in 7.1 DTS HD, adds to the enjoyment of the film, giving the dance sequences just the right amount of sound without becoming too overbearing. The quieter moments were also nicely done, with the dialogue coming across nice and clean.


The Blu-ray comes with some extras that are worth a look, and include:

  • “Extra Moves” (7:20), this is a collection of the dance moves set to different songs, both in the movie and during rehearsal, and features some moves from director John Chu and producer Adam Shankman. It might seem repetitive to some, but the moves are still amazing to look at.

  • “Born from a Boombox” (11:51) – the film within the film, which actually feels like a documentary, considering the actors playing the people interviewed are real dancers and are probably giving their honest perspectives.

  • “Deleted Scenes” (23:57)– The usual assortment, and can be played with or without an intro from director John M. Chu. Worth a look just to see the Delgado twins from the movie tap dance, and to see a characters back story told through their tattoos.

  • “Music Videos” (29:48) – a compilation of the catchy tunes from the movie.

  • “Making of the Music Videos” (7:16) – a look behind the scenes on the making of the music for the film.


For fans of dancing, Step Up 3 Blu-ray Combo is a must have. The look, the moves, and the music just blend together so perfectly, it is hard to not enjoy the film. Sure, it might be nice to have a better story to back it up with, but with so much dance talent oozing from the screen, you hardly have time to notice.


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