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Blu-ray Review: Sex and the City 2

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They’re back. America’s favorite gals are back, and this time they’ve gone international.

Two years have passed since the first movie, and each person of the feisty quartet has settled into their new life, most notably Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), who is still married to Big. But lately, something seems missing. The once suave Big now seems content to eat takeout and stay in to watch black-and-white movies. After a disastrous anniversary present, Carrie begins to wonder how she can jump him back to life.

Meanwhile, Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), ever the career woman, is facing tough times in the job she once loved so much. During a heated exchange with her sexist boss, Miranda quits the firm and must plan her next step.

Charlotte York (Kristen Davis) has everything she ever wanted: a wonderful husband and two adorable children. But perfection sometimes only exists in dreams, despite CT” everything is all right.

Samantha Jones is still the same lusty, zinger-happy woman she ever was. Her secret: 40-plus pills, cremes, patches, and hormones that she believes have tricked her body into thinking it is actually younger than it is.

One day during lunch, Samantha surprises the group with a free trip to Abu Dhabi, which includes a private suite on the plane, their own cars, and even separate butlers at their posh hotel. Each woman enjoys the much-needed break, but not without a few complications along the way.

I enjoyed Sex and the City 2 much more than the first one, if only because the long running time seemed to fly by faster. The action was quicker, the puns fresher, and it was nice to see the movie give plenty of attention to what made the show great: the bonds between the friends, who rightfully refer to each other as soul mates. I still felt as if I was watching an extended episode instead of a movie, but I highly doubt the millions of SATC fans would call that a flaw.

The Blu-ray format really added to the movie, giving the proceedings a needed pop, especially the wedding, which had a big, black and white feel, even in color. The disc also helps highlight another icon of the show, the fashion. Every color is brought to vibrant life, and I was impressed by how good the movie looked on my TV. The scenery, especially in Abu Dhabi, was also clear and beautiful.

The package includes a Digital Copy, which I was able to retrieve via Windows Media Player. Although I am having a bit of trouble transferring the file to my EVO, I am sure that is more an issue with my computer (and more likely a user error) than with the Digital Copy itself.

Extras include a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the music with Alicia Keys, a mini-documentary about the men of SATC hosted by Michael Patrick King and Mario Cantone, and a look back on 80’s fashions. These extras are okay, but not extraordinary.

Sex and the City 2 is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand, and download.

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