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Blu-ray Review: ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’

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We’ve all probably seen some variation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: Scrooge is a penny-pinching, cranky business man who despises anything that makes other people happy. The night before Christmas he is visited by three ghosts (Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present, and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come), and is encouraged to change his greedy ways or face a very dim future. Disney matches its iconic characters with Dickens’ characters, so even the youngest of us can learn from the beloved Dickens’ tale. Penny pinching Scrooge McDuck is Ebenezer Scrooge, Mickey Mouse portrays Bob Cratchit, Minnie Mouse is Mrs. Cratchit, Goofy appears as Jacob Marley’s Ghost in Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

Mickey's Christmas CarolThe mixing of Dickens and Disney makes for a fantastic movie for the whole family. It’s been quite some time since I’ve watched Mickey’s Christmas Carol so I was amazed at the clarity of this remastered version. The characters seem to pop off the screen more now than they ever did back when I watched it as a kid, noticing minor details that I didn’t recall. Maybe it’s a grown-up view on the cartoon or maybe it’s the digital remastering, I’ll never know. The 30th anniversary edition combo pack includes a Blu-Ray, DVD and digital copy plus a variety of extras like Disney Intermission (sing along Christmas songs), and five animated shorts: “The Hockey Champ,” “Pluto’s Christmas Tree,” “The Art of Skiing,” “Corn Chips,” and the the all-new “Yodelberg.”

Mickey's Christmas Carol“Yodelberg” is an adorable short starring the classic Mickey and Minnie. Mickey hears Minnie yodeling atop a snow covered mountain and decides to climb up to meet her. Of course, the snow is delicate and any loud sound could cause an avalanche so Mickey must avoid multiple noisy obstacles to reach the top. You’ll find the antics a tad on the obvious side but the ending is worth the silliness.

“The Hockey Champ” stars Donald Duck and his mischievous trio of nephews—Huey, Louie & Dewey—in a dash to prove who’s better at hockey. Pluto’s Christmas Tree features the adorable duo of chipmunks known as Chip ‘n’ Dale tormenting poor Pluto after Mickey cuts down their tree for his Christmas tree. Goofy teaches us the “The Art of Skiing” in the next hilarious short, much to the chagrin of the narrator.

“Corn Chips,” while oddly titled, includes both Donald Duck and Chip ‘n’ Dale in a tug of war of sorts over popcorn. The included shorts are all holiday themed and are sure to bring a smile to your face. Even if you’ve seen them as many times as I have over the years. You still can’t control the laughter when Goofy ends up with his pants over his skis. Disney is offering a $5.00 discount coupon for this and other movies.

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