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Blu-ray Review: Metalocalypse Season 3

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The easiest way to start this off would be to quote the official release material for the DVD/Blu-ray release of Season 3 of Metalocalypse:

Season 3 of Metalocalypse picks up directly after the violent attack on Mordhaus leaving the band in a precarious position without management. How will the biggest entertainment act in the universe deal with the BRUTALITY of a troubled music industry, declining economy, and their own unbridled narcissism? How will the band deal with getting too big and losing touch with their roots? By joining their own tribute band?

Upon reading this – and having not seen the show on TV in a while – I was ready to accept that the show had may well gone down the drain and to be ready for whatever may be left.

The main focus, in keeping with the story, is the way the band carries on without their manager. A new element is added to the show in showing how the band – who couldn’t tie their own shoes without the proper guidance – has to manage their own money without the proper guidance. Hilarity – and, as it turns out, plenty of foul language – ensues.

In the midst of spending millions on statues of themselves, converting millions of acres of corn fields to Doritos dispensers, and other vanity projects, the band finds their record contract under renegotiation by Damien, their deceased manager’s son, who holds a grudge explained in a flashback of the season opener, “Renovationklok.”

Season 3, in all its (VERY) uncensored glory, hasn’t lost a step. The show is as sharp as ever in its humor as well as its simultaneous worship and spot-on skewering of the metal genre. Considering the workload of show creator Brendan Small, that he is able to keep the show this consistently good is almost a minor miracle. Nonetheless, Metalocalypse is as funny and cool as it has been since it started.

Presented for the first time in Blu-ray, the show looks and sounds better than it ever has. The Blu-ray format serves animation very well already, but the over-the-top visuals here are especially choice. Examples include the unveiling of the new Mordhaus – in the sky, as well as the performances. The five bonus music videos included in the bonus features – “Bloodlines,” “Dethsupport,” “The Gears,” “Burn the Earth,” and “Black Fire Upon Us” – are especially blow-away both in terms of video and audio.

As far as the audio goes, it’s in 5.1 Dolby TrueHD. The dialogue stands out nicely (it’s a lot easier to understand Murderface’s lisp and the rest of the accents!), and the music…oh, yeah. Surround sound gives the music the attention it deserves.

Overall, the Metalocalypse Season 3 Blu-ray is a great time – and a great way – for this series to be introduced to the hew hi-def format. Whether you’ve followed from the start or are just getting on board…or, in some cases, both…the Blu-ray release of Season 3 is a welcome treat. Just in time for “Dethmas.”

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