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Blu-ray Review: IMAX: Under the Sea

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From Howard Hull (Deep Sea and Into the Deep) and his amazingly talented filmmaking team comes IMAX: Under the Sea. The film is narrated by Jim Carrey who, while better known for his comedic acting, does a great job taking viewers into the depths of the sea and all that inhabit it. Startling beauty and realistic scenery are impressions that quickly come to mind, and remain there, upon watching Under the Sea.

Focusing on the sea life of the coral triangle in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Great Barrier Reef, viewers are treated to an insider's look into the astonishing world of cuttlefish, great white sharks, poisonous sea snakes, and amazing sea dragons, to mention just a few. The stark clarity of the film is breathtaking and will leave the viewer transfixed to the screen, from beginning to end. Presented in 2-D, rather than the 3-D IMAX theater experience, viewers will still be amazed at the ability to feel as though they are diving right beside these wondrous creatures of the deep.

Also important to mention is that fact that because of the1080p/VC-1 transfer and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track, the Blu-ray edition of IMAX: Under the Sea is a true treasure to behold. The stark beauty, contrast, color perfection and attention to even the most microscopic of details, is a huge and incomparable advantage. That's not to even mention the sounds of the sea, as well as the clarity of Jim Carrey's voice as he narrates. Both audio aspects are presented in a way that blend perfectly together and neither distracts nor takes away from the another.

At times comic in nature and at other times serious and stressing the importance of taking care of our environment to protect these delicate lives, there is a vast array of entertainment to be had within. This is a film that is sure to be an excellent educational and entertaining treat for the entire family. Upon receiving Under the Sea, I popped it in to the DVD player, and sat down with my three-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter to check out the film. Though the kids did get restless half-way to three-quarters of the way through, they enjoyed the film. I think that I probably enjoyed it a bit more, simply because the entire thing is just a complete art form brought to life, which continued to amaze me visually as well as audibly. I have a deep love of the ocean and any body of water and the creatures that inhabit these regions. Perhaps this lent, a bit, to my pleasure and enjoyment of the film.

Included on the Blu-yay disc are special features, exclusive to the Blu-Ray release. These features include five additional featurettes of expeditions to the following areas: Papua New Guinea; New Britian, Papua New Guina; Milne Bay, South Australia; the Great Barrier Reef; and Indonesia. Also included is "Filming IMAX: Under the Sea," which gives a great look into just what goes into such a documentary and its creation.

In summary, I must say that I greatly enjoyed IMAX: Under the Sea and highly recommend it for anyone who has even the slightest interest in this area of our environment. The transportation of the viewer into the film is beyond amazing and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

In addition, I also want to mention the film's official website, which can give readers an idea of the majestic lives captured on film, as well as access to many excellent and educational extras to go along with the film. Once there, you can experience downloads, games, behind-the-scenes info, and much more!

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  • Hi Sahar!! I am so glad!! Let me know how they like it!!

  • Kim I have never been to an IMAX yet – something I hope to do someday, but this blu-ray is soooo awesome!

  • I just found the perfect gift for my under-the-sea obsessed friend with a new HD TV. Thank you April 🙂

  • Kim quaid

    I have not seen it at the imax, but I have just purchased it in blue-ray to watch on my new led tv and it looks very sharp and clear looking. It’s just like being next to the great white sharks. Love this blu-ray