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Blu-ray Review: G-Force

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Disney’s G-Force is good-humored family fare that is great for kids, but not so great for their parents. The film features several digitally created guinea pigs who are government secret agents. The guinea pig program is run by Ben, played by comedian Zach Galifianakis, who prefers his furry friends to the company of actual humans. Ben, a scientist, has genetically engineered the guinea pigs and one mole to be intelligent and work in counter-terrorism. The guinea pigs, “G-Force” as they dub themselves, are small and inconspicuous enough to covertly gather intelligence without anyone noticing.

The story of G-Force is a familiar one. A corporation, Saberling Industries, who manufactures all the most popular electronics and appliances, is secretly implanting a microchip in each one. Why are they doing this? They want to control the world. At some point they will activate the microchips and their electronics, and their company, will assume power. The guinea pigs discover this evil plot and collect the incriminating evidence, only to have it destroyed. No one except Ben believes them and the G-Force program is shut down.

The guinea pigs find themselves in a pet store with normal guinea pigs. There are some funny moments when they discover that they must live like regular animals. A couple of the guinea pigs find themselves in the homes of children, who don’t seem to have any respect for animals at all. The G-Force must find a way to re-form the team and bring down Saberling Industries.

For kids, the movie is very entertaining with wisecracking guinea pigs and family friendly action. The digital guinea pigs are top-notch and blend in well with the live action. Personally, I was hoping the movie would be a little funnier and a little more original. There are tons of predictable one-liners, fart jokes, and prat falls. Yes, the little ones will get a kick out of it all, but that doesn’t mean the script couldn’t have been a little sharper. Still, G-Force is an innocuous family movie that does everything just well enough to be entertaining for everyone.

The Blu-ray is presented in 1080p HD and the picture is bright and sharp. The images really jump off the screen, particularly the guinea pigs. The DTS-HD Master-Audio 5.1 sound is a bit subdued for an action movie, but works well for a kid-flick. It pops, but doesn’t overwhelm. Overall the picture and sound are above average and a good presentation.

The three-disc Blu-ray also includes a standard DVD and a digital copy. Special features include: deleted scenes, several production featurettes, outtakes, and music videos. The film can also be watched in Cine-Explore mode, which is a picture in picture making-of. It includes explanations of visual effects, featurettes, and behind the scenes footage.

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