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Blu-ray Review: Flyboys

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Flyboys is loaded with potential, much like Michael Bay’s attempt at recreating Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, this is another overloaded epic with unneeded subplots and character angles that are nothing short of boring. Thankfully, the energetic action scenes (and lots of them) are consistently well done, but not enough to raise the film from mediocrity.

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Flyboys looks stunning on a Blu-ray. Colors are bolder and richer than the DVD release. The overall look is sharper and consistent. While it may not boast the finest details ever seen on the format, this is a glossy, clear presentation that showcases the visuals in grand form.

Likewise, the DTS-HD master track is phenomenal. Planes fly through the sound field constantly, loading the rear speakers with activity. Each bullet fired seem to be accurately tracked in every speaker… and there are a lot of bullets. Explosions are beefy in the LFE channel delivering a nice rumble.

The Blu-ray thankfully brings over all features from the two disc DVD release instead of what amounted to nothing on the single disc release. A commentary from Dean Devlin and director Tony Bill is rarely dry. A Blu-ray exclusive pop-up trivia track can be viewed along with it to provide even more technical information.

Six featurettes total up to over an hour in length. There’s features on the actual events portrayed in the film and loads of behind the scenes stuff, and all of it is well produced. Some of the info is repeated in the commentary. Six deleted scenes and a stack of trailers round off a short list but well done selection of extras.

No studios were willing to back the film financially. Instead, Dean Devlin and actor David Ellison pitched in $60 million to get it done. In the end, the studios made the right call. Flyboys moved out of theaters with a meager $13 million take at the box office.

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